Our Little World is SO Lovely Right Now...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I wish I had more photos. The grass on our lawn is getting lush and nearly overgrown, with hundreds of little violets and a few dandelions waving in the breeze. I LOVE it. I wish the lawn cutters would hold off for a few more days-- it's just so nice to see GREEN, and so much of it. The first spring grass seems so much GREENER, vibrant.

Remember this?Our forsythia bush exploded into a riot of yellow blooms just one week later, and the cycle has already reached its zenith and is dying down. Time for the long-term flowers to arrive now. Still, I LOVE forsythia bushes because they do not procrastinate. They are a promise that winter really IS leaving.
I am so relieved to see green appear on trees. I am so rejuvinated to be able to drive with my window rolled down.
I want so very much to NOT be chained to a job, but to be able to make my own schedule, create art, make music, and be outside a LOT. One thing I really do miss in my current life is a porch or easy outlet to the outdoors from my home. Being on the third floor makes it kind of rough. No balconies or anything. I'm craving some light gardening.

Anyway. That's my Spring Rant. I hope to get out and take some Spring-y photos sometime soon. For now, I am off to bed, dreaming of the 4-day Easter weekend coming up. Maybe I'll go get a pedicure.



  1. The birds ate all of my forsythia blossoms that I was so looking forward to right off of my tree. I only got about two stalks of flowers this year. :( So, I am living vicariously through you. Thanks!

  2. I am so excited I found you! It is Alison (Howard) Anderson! I love all your pictures, you are so talented. I was pretty lucky to have so much talent at my wedding! Anyway, check out my blog if you want - It is so fun to find old friends on the blogosphere!


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