Saturday Makes Me Unmotivated.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Here is me today. Note the messy hair with crazy blonde streaks scattered in. That's my new hair color. There are blonde "peek-a-boo's" hidden strategically under the brown. i am wearing joe's fleece hoodie, my red fleece p.j. bottoms, and cozy brown slippers. My hair is actually messier than this. I'm not gonna lie.

Everyone said we were fully in Spring. Everyone lied. It is cold today. *frown*

This computer is an addiction. a sweet, tempting, friend-filled, empty temptation.

I SHOULD be editing wedding photos and senior photos. But the idea bores me just now.

instead, this is what my brain keeps drifting to. Yummy, unproductive, lovely, helpless napping.


  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Hey Em,

    Here I am, "lurking" about your blog. I loved the draw-rings! How refreshing to do something fun like that. Have a great day!


  2. hi roach!

    I miss u!!!

  3. You haven't drawn like that in a long time! I love it. Makes me remember how hard I laughed at Jamie's halloween costume, or Alecia's ear, or Mr. Driskill's should do a "Day in the life of Emily" comic strip.


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