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Saturday, April 28

I Think May is Going to Be Even Busier Than April.

I can't believe it's been a whole WEEK since my last post. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing it. YIKES!
a. My house needs a really deep cleaning...
b. My sophomores REALLY need their research papers back...
c. My primary really needs me to prepare visual aids for the next song...
d. The Masons need us to do a little more work for this last month before summer break...
e. I REALLY need to complete my birthday projects for Beckie and Sarah. Because before long, it'll be time to do Steven's and Julina's.... (Why 7 siblings, why???? *smile*)
f. My tootsies REALLY need a new paint job. But I'm too lazy to do it myself and too poor to go get a pedicure...
g. I REALLY need to finish p.processing Jaime's cute photos....
h. My car needs a good wash and vacuum...

And it all seems to disappear under my constant weariness, so that when I have the time, I can't bring myself to do any of it... and when I have the energy, I am using it up at my job. I know, I know, it will NEVER get better... Even when I am done with teaching someday, I will have traded that craziness for the new craziness of a houseful of kooky children of my own... and then I'll bemoan these lost days of REAL freedom. But for the moment, it really doesn't FEEL very free.

Okay. No more whining for now. I've vented. I'm done.

Part of the reason I haven't posted is because I don't really have any new photos. I'm just really in a photography lull... kinda burned out, to be quite honest. So to end my post, I'll put some of the good stuff from my thriving period, in February & March... any feedback/backpatting/validation is always welcome. Maybe I'll get reinspired to go back out and take some more photos...

{this next hot chica is my sis-in-law, Mary Victoria...}

Okay... I'm out. Gonna take my broheim's engagement photos today. Did I mention my lil' bro is getting MARRIED???? Weird.


  1. You are crazy busy girl! I love the photos - you amaze me. I really love the newborn shots. Newborns are just so sweet and wrinkly. I love it! Thanks for sharing. I wish I was as creative and talented as you.

  2. These really are something! I can't believe you took all of these in two months. They are awesome. You are like a portrait painter because all of these photos capture such a glimpse at personality. They're so fun to look at!
    And, I'm glad you had a minute to post. I've been obsessively checking every night and ...nothing... for a whole week... I was beginning to wonder. ;) Congrats about Steve! He's joining you. It's about time you got another wedding in the family! I'm so happy for you all! And she looks like a really fun sister-in-law.