Friday the 13th is a-Comin'...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Friday the Thirteenth tomorrow: I wonder if the students will be wacko? One student already WAS. Today during the lunch hour, a junior lost control of her car (bad driver, I hear), and ended up beyond the curb at the front of the school, scraped along some stair-like ledges, and INJURED FOUR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???? No one is critically wounded, but still. One IS in the hospital. Wow. Weird.

These past few weeks have been so WEIRD. Really. 80 degree heat, then 26 degree freeze. One of our students, the least likely, committed a shocking suicide. This other student barrels into middle school kids today. The NRA will be coming to St. Louis for their National Convention. Slogan? "Something for Everyone." Creepy. (Will they GIVE people guns before they go through the metal detector, like in the Simpsons? No one allowed unless they're packing heat??) Also in the past few weeks: Being told by a friend that I don't believe in the real Christ and my first migrane stemming from that incident. Hearing that exact same issue addressed the very next day in General Conference not once, but TWICE. Like a reassuring answer from the Lord. Then getting it ALL OVER AGAIN today from one of our MyFamily websites in a flood of "Mormons are Good?/Mormons are Evil?" back and forth crap. FROM MY RELATIVES (in-law)!! Why is it all happening at once? Weird weird weird. Like a full moon, the Last Days, and Friday the 13th all wrapped up in one nice, neat little bundle.

When will the weirdness calm down?

And for that matter, when will we get 75 degree weather back?????

I know this isn't very intelligible. Quite frankly, all the various weirdnesses have the potential to be touchy/sensitive issues, so I am not really going to go into depth about any of them. I love many of the people who are part of the weirdnesses, so I'll let it all sort itself out individually. Still.

How much does a girl have to take in such a short span of time?

I'm crossing my fingers that May will have some warm, fuzzy normalcy. And maybe some Spring weather. And happy memories.

Till then, good luck with tomorrow! I'm sure I'll need it. I mean, what else could possibly be on the horizon??


  1. Wow Em, really crazy stuff! When do you want to get together and hang out? Can you tomorrow?

  2. wow. i would really question how good a friend that is that would tell you that. how the heck does she know what kind of Christ you believe in? she/he either has absolutely no tact whatsoever, or she/he really isn't your friend. perhaps i have high expectation or high standards for my friends, but saying that is just plain rude, unthoughtfull, and very mean. how would this person feel if you hit them with a comment like that? remember, you can take people off of your friends list.....

  3. That IS weird. Weird because I feel like I'm reading my own thoughts in your blog. I've had a couple similar experiences with people challenging my beliefs and several testimony-building experiences to follow up. Furthermore, I feel like the world in general is getting weirder and more chaotic-- like everything is snowballing, coming to a climax or wrapping up. Something's going on.

  4. Anonymous7:47 PM


    We recently had a blitz of DVD's delivered to doorsteps around the valley from "several denominations" that had Joseph Smith and the temple on the cover. These "friends" wanted to deceive us into watching the nice little anti-mormon video, but they stated that it was only out of their love for us that they were doing this. What happened to you may be a spin-off of those groups sending their love to us the week before conference. It's frustrating when your friends treat you like that, isn't it? Maybe the old Missouri mobs are coming back! :)



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