Quinn Turns Four

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This little stinker.... Quinn Atticus Southerland, is four years old today. 

On the one hand, I feel that bittersweet pang that my little toddler kid is officially not a toddler anymore... But. Today as I was thinking about this past year, I remembered that for so much of his third year, he was kind of a pill. I mean, the DAY he turned three last year, the Terrible Threes kicked in full force and we had a yell-y, defiant, emotional argumentative kiddo on our hands. It was a full 180 from his sweet two-year-old-ness. So yes--- I will miss his baby face and him being small and being my baby. But.... ya know? As he's grown out of that "terrible three" thing, I've seen more and more things I already love about him turning 4. He's more empathetic, he's getting more aware of facts and knowledge of the outside world... he is honing his inner world of imaginative play... He's pretty neat. 

Quinn today:
  1. Is still passionate about trains. He has a radar for all things "train" and we've all refined that radar in ourselves because of it. That boy can find trains just about anywhere. Even if you (yes you) swear you don't have any in your house, he'll find one for sure. If not a toy, then a photo in a book or on a mug or in a movie. It's uncanny. 
  2. His favorite color is green. 
  3. He loves to say potty and body words, and we are constantly trying to instill in him when such things are appropriate and when they are not. *eyeroll*
  4. He has been moved into the "bunk room" with Noah and Lucy and they're actually doing pretty great! Not as much bickering as I expected... and really the biggest instigator of "post-bedtime chatter" is Lucy. I think he loves being a "big kid."
  5. Has these deeeep dark brown eyes, no gold behind the brown at all. They're hypnotic! 
  6. Has a binkie overbite that makes his smile so big and so contagious. 
  7. Loves LOVES to laugh and make others laugh, and his laugh can get so uncontrollable that it makes all of us join in.
  8. Has caught the "screen time" bug and asks to "play games" (play on the iPad) ALL THE TIME. I have to be careful not to give in (because it's easy!) and to try to foster a variety of things for him to do.
  9. Is in preschool two days a week and is apathetic at best about it. He already has learned to plead "I too sick to go to school!" at his young age, and tries it on me EVERY day we have to go.
  10. Is great at lots of things (Minecraft, jumping on the bed, Legos, poop jokes) but is pretty weak at writing and drawing. He has wimpy fine motor abilities. I hope he gets it figured out soon. His wispy attempts kind of worry me sometimes. 
  11. This kid is a whiz at lyrics and loves to sing along to songs. 

I know there are more details... but it's been a long day already, and I am almost brain dead... But for now... Enjoy the photos, taken just a week ago, and if you need more Quinn for your Quinn fix, here are some fun links to past birthdays of my fella.... so you can see for yourself how quickly this all goes by, how big he already is, and just how sweet and handsome my little dude is. 


  1. Not that I think he should change in any way...but on the fine motor skills, I wonder if there are some train activities that might captivate him. Like, could he make a catalog of all his trains by drawing a picture every day?

  2. I'm glad he is old enough now that he is happy when we come to visit rather than cry because he thinks we are going to babysit.


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