Quinn Atticus: An Autumn MiniSession

Monday, October 19, 2015

 It's been awhile since I've attempted formal portraits of my Quinnster, so a couple of weeks ago, I grabbed him and bribed him with candy and let him "help" me set up a quick garage backdrop setup, and I managed to get some really sweet, TOTALLY Quinn photos of my baby boy.... Only, he's not so BABY anymore. Look at this cute boy!

Two and 3/4 years old, happy and hilarious, in love with trains, animals (especially dogs), anything his sister or brother are into, and potty humor, among many other things. He runs more than he walks, loves to laugh and make others laugh, and is just a bit mischievous, but totally cuddly and tender, too. He sings, and loves to learn the lyrics to songs.... And he is smart as a whip and doesn't let much get past him. 

I love his voice.... I love his dark dark brown eyes, I love to make him snuggle me.... I love reading books to him (he'll lay his head on my shoulder)... I love how he keeps trying to be kind and loving to Lucy, even when she's prickly back to him--- He never lets it harden him towards her. I love how much he worships Noah. I love when he sings with me. 

Oh, and he does this lower-lip quirk (above) all the time right now--- usually when he's asked a question and he's thinking of the answer... or if he knows he's being teased or duped... And I LOVE it. I am so tickled I caught it in a photo. It is SO him. 

 And his laughing. Oh, how I am a fool for his laughter. He LOVES to laugh--- either from watching people do funny things, or trying to make US laugh with his own funny antics... or if nothing else, by being tickled. He will request being tickled!! And his laugh face---- we all begin laughing along, because he is so utterly contagiously marvelous. 

Yep.... This baby boy of mine. He just gets better and better, and I am so enchanted by him... so grateful I get to be his mama.


  1. Wow! I love these shots and your memories of him. Such a great thing. (And I'm digging his shoes. Super cute.)

  2. These are fabulous - and your reflections on him are so insightful. I love how you truly see your children. And I want his shoes. When he gets to big for them, can I buy them for Sam?

  3. What a marvelous photo session! He is your Steven.


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