Music Monday: Eva Cassidy and Our First Dance

Monday, September 14, 2015

Our reception opened with a small-time bluegrass trio playing the background music as people strolled into a bare-bones open lawn decorated with homemade paper lanterns and a few decorated tables, some terra cotta pots of herbs and some silver dishware and candlesticks to dress the event up. (My only two decor regrets, honestly: I wish I'd rented darkwood chairs. And I wish I'd splurged on floor-length white tablecloths. Ah well. What's done is done. It was still so lovely.) We did a meet and greet for the first part of the reception while the bluegrass trio played. And then, as it got dark, I serenaded my new husband (that's for another Monday) and then a DJ helped usher in the dancing part of the night. Our song: "Fields of Gold", originally by Sting, but sung by the superlative, impeccable voice of Eva Cassidy. It is the most achingly sweet, heartfelt song, and it was a perfect dance, being held by my groom as Eva sang to us in the darkening September night. 

Our 11th anniversary is this Thursday... And you could've never convinced then-Emily of this truth: that young newlyweds who love so deeply truly have no idea what love REALLY is... And that love eleven years later looks 100% different than she thought it would. And 100% better. 

I love you, Joe. Thank you for our first dance. Let's do it again sometime. 

(September 17, 2004)

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