Music Monday: When You Feel Sad.... Or Under a Curse...

Monday, September 7, 2015


After living two years alone in a tiny shoebox apartment above the seediest of only two bars in Provo, Utah, a time I cherished deeply for being a time of incubation and growth and self-development, it became apparent that the need for such a place had run its course and it was time for me to reenter the world and reestablish skills in living with other people. 

Enter Melody. A sprite-like, spunky artist, she was a friend I'd met in our ward, BYU 212, and had clicked with quickly through our shared love of anything aesthetic and funky, and the new, insane film "Moulin Rouge", which we both saw in the theater obsessively the spring it was released. After a summer of hanging out and further bonding, when Melody found herself in need of a new roommate, she came to me with the offer. I confess it was an agonizing decision-- to choose to leave my haven, my self-imposed cocoon with the asparagus green and October sky blue walls, the rickety old staircase leading to the front door... the rooftops at my disposal.... But the lure of constant company, of spending time with a roommate who adored hostessing guests and was a magnet for other cool artist-types--not to mention the strong realization that my time for being alone really had run its course--I finally knew I needed to tell her YES. 

So after Christmas break, in the winter of 2002, I painted my new bedroom lavender and moved my stuff in. It took no time at all for Melody to make me play her the banjo, and for us to spend evenings huddled around her computer practicing putting our heads on cover models' bodies via Photoshop... For us to lounge on her bed swapping journals and talking about everything under the sun.... We were instantly completely ourselves with each other, and we laughed and listed to each other's favorite music on LOUD. And I introduced her to the musical Godspell. Specifically, I played for her the frantically silly song, "All For the Best", a duet from the play that uses a vaudevillian and whimsical tone to teach its scriptural message. I'm not sure how it went from just listening to us making up our own silly dance to it... But we went there. And we did it laughing the whole time. We perfected a little goofy dance routine to this song from Godspell, and then, as if that wasn't memorably absurd enough, Melody insisted we perform it for any guest who ever came over. Ever. We danced that dance ALL THE TIME. I still cringe/laugh to think of it. 

But that was Melody. That was my time with her, in our Shaklee Mansion. I have a dozen other similar stories with that girl.... But when it comes to music... to songs that never leave me, my time with Melody is wrapped up in memories of that song. The Godspell duet, "All For the Best". Because for that season, she helped me feel unabashed, hilarious, and free, and I thrived in my re-entry into social life and re-learning to live with other people again.

(Oh Melody.... I just love you. Always.)

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  1. That was a good time in your life. It was also when you got Henry!


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