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Monday, September 21

Quick Music Monday: Quinn Today

Hallooo! I'm just going to post a super-quick, but super-cute little Music Monday tonight... I intended to write a memory one like I've been doing, but I've been super tired all day, and I probably need to go to bed. So instead of a flashback, here is my favorite two-year-old singing "our song", the one I sing to him as often as I can, and that he now requests when he's sad or sleepy. In this video, I keep nudging him to keep singing, because he's distracted and a bit tired as we go to pick up Lucy from preschool. My voice is a bit tired and raspy, but it'll do. the point is Quinn's little voice, his little quirky ways he sings the words, and just... I mean.... Seriously. He melts me so entirely. I love that I nabbed this video. (And added below, Karla Bonhoff singing "The Water is Wide", a song I've loved since I heard James Taylor's version back in 1991.)




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