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Thursday, January 5

Cravebox: Fun for $10!

So, thanks to my friend Stef, the Queen of Inside Scoops Online, I got to learn about a new little dealio called CRAVEBOX. She emailed me asking if I wanted to join up, and after reading the fine print and seeing no tricks, I jumped aboard. The concept is this: You pay $10 a month. No shipping. No fees. Cancel anytime. And once a month, Cravebox sends you a little care package with 4-5 new products in it for you to test out, enjoy, and keep.

Something about the mystery, along with the friendly price tag, hooked me in, and I had to see what it was about. December was their first launch, and here's what came in the mail:

(You can also see details of these things here: "What's In the December Cravebox?")

There was chocolate (you can never go wrong with chocolate!)... Nail polish. Writing pens. and a full-sized hand lotion (which is, honestly, kinda stinky... Oh well.). 

So, having gotten to enjoy the first Cravebox, here's my review, in a nutshell. THIS IS FUN!I cannot wait for the next one, even if it ends up being a month of cleaning supplies. It's just a treat to get something random in the mail, and you really can't beat a $10 price tag. Really. 

So go forth! Join up! Treat yourself to a little surprise every month. Why not?


Note: I was not asked to promote this company. I chose to do so of my own free will, because I like what they're doing. I am not being compensated for blogging this.


  1. Hmm...it still seems a little steep, especially if you're already unhappy with one of the main items in the box....i could get polish, pens, and chocolate for cheaper. Love the idea, though.

  2. I belong to Cravebox too. I love the fun, surprise aspect of it, well worth the money. It isn't dollar-store quality merchandise either. The pens were nearly worth the price of admission for me (though I must admit, I'm a sucker for a good pen). Really looking forward to the next shipment!

  3. I agree about the lotion, Em! APparently it is like $45 lotion, but whoever would pay that for this stinky stuff is crazy! The nail polish is fun and the chocolate looks yummy (I have self control) :)

    So glad you jumped aboard! And, if it gets lame, we can cancel at any time!

    PS thanks for the shout out. I love free/cheap stuff :)