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Sunday, November 6, 2011

7:46. Yesterday, this would've been 8:46, and darker, later.... But Daylight Savings strikes again, and we are now beginning the season of early darkness. I'm really not a fan. Especially as a photographer. Right when DST happens, life cranks into high gear (Noah's birthday, Thanksgiving, holiday gifts being made, Christmas) and suddenly, not only is there not enough TIME to shoot the session inquiries pouring in, there's not enough LIGHT. Before DST, I might be able to convince a family to have their session at 4:00pm on a weeknight-- have dad come home a bit early from work, meet me at a cool location... But after DST, there's NO way weeknights work anymore. It's really tough! And the weekends are all suddenly full with my own life--- the life I WANT to be living and DESERVE. So I keep those days sacred--- Noah's birthday.... Thanksgiving... 

Add to that, I don't work (shoot) on Sundays--- it is just one of the tenets of our faith I adhere to--- and suddenly.... I'm just out of time. 

In some ways, that's a blessing in disguise: I simply CAN'T fit it all in, so I don't. And I concentrate on the other things that my life is calling for me to be doing. But it is also a little bit of a curse: because I feel like I really NEED to fit clients in, so I am finagling my schedule to the most microscopic fragments of possible shooting time, SQUEEEEEEEZING in one more mini session (because somehow, a mini is more possible in my life than a full).... And when I can't, simply CAN'T find a workable window for the client asking, then comes guilt. Deserved or not. 

Anyway. Thanks a LOT, Daylight Savings Time. 

Meanwhile, the other lists of things I yearn to be doing linger and I try not to add to them.... I am waiting for the easing up of work requirements so I can once again sit in front of the sewing machine and make fun things... Watch movies while I sew. Get these fun Christmas gifts I have in mind started... 

And my own personal photos to edit...

And projects around the home...

And decluttering and ordering...

Oh, the curse of this mind of mine and it's endless industrious set of lists. The creative urge and its insatiable hunger. 

Ah well. 

7:55. One more minute. Then proofreading. Finding a random photo to add to the post.

Then some Lightroom work to begin. While watching Netflix. 

This is life. I embrace it. I won't wait for something better--- this is IT. And it's pretty good. Even with the lists.

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  1. I dislike DST too but for other reasons. It "just ain't natural" !


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