Quick, A Big Fat WHINE.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ten minutes to let this annoyed, yucky mood bleed out onto the page, then THAT'S IT. Move on. And GO:

It's getting to that point again, where all the little clutters are piling up enough to begin to encroach onto my healthy attitude. Little piles of STUFF, things undone, things not in their place.... It grows a little at a time til it reaches that breaking point where I CAN NO LONGER TOLERATE IT. Except, inevitably, the clutter crap breakdown happens right at the same time as a REALLY PISSY MOOD, which tend to de-motivate.... Add to that a series of REALLY GLOOMY DAYS, grey and crappy outside, and really, what else can you expect? 

No WAY this dilemma will solve itself while the mood is sour and the weather is gross. 

So. I just circle through the same routes in my house.... kitchen to dining room to entry to living room...
Living room to stairs to bedroom... bedroom to bathroom.... Kids' rooms to stairs to dining room and back to kitchen....

Passing the SAME CRAP that need to get done:
toys that need to be sorted and put away/things borrowed that need to be returned/mail that needs to be filed/leftover birthday party stuff that needs to be put away/guest bedding that needs washing/a floor needs sweeping/mopping/a dirty bathroom/laundry both clean and dirty in piles/clutter clutter clutter *SCREAM*

The computer is sloggy and slow. The laptop is a craptop. The baby needs new baby food made. My LORD when will that kitchen floor get swept/mopped??? 

Too much... suddenly and overwhelmingly TOO MUCH and the grey day and my grey mood are threatening to DROWN ME IN THIS PILE OF FRUSTRATION. 

Whine whine whine. 

Up until this very moment, this Breaking Point Day, it's been going amazingly well. A good rhythm, things getting done, a GREAT attitude.... But a slump was bound to happen, and it is happening now, and it is spiraling fast and I am HAVING A MELTDOWN. Silently, of course, so as to not to wake the children, who, THANK GOODNESS, still take naps. 

I need..................Help? Time? babysitting? Probably... 

But mostly, I probably just need a big fat movie slap across the face to snap me outta the spiral, and a BIG FAT ATTITUDE TWEAK back to the good place I was in just yesterday. 


That's all the time I am allowing this Big Fat Whine. 

Back to life. 

(Gonna effing go sit and read book 4 of Twilight for a minute before I get back to work chipping away at this messy house. Blah. Wah. So THERE.)


  1. Oh how I feel your pain. In my house and in my office. It's a mess. I'm a mess and I don't have the time, the will, the drive to not be a mess. WHINE! :)

  2. Thank you. It's nice to know I'm not alone on this dreary day!

  3. Seriously, I feel like that once a week..if not more! The piles threaten to suffocate me, and they drive me literally insane. A lot of times I feel like my "to do" list is growing so quickly that I dig out from underneath the proverbial "to do" pile only to have more "to do's" smother me. Drives. Me. Crazy! And makes me super cranky. Know that you are not alone!

  4. We've all been there!! Yesterday I finally got so overwhelmed with the piles in the kitchen (counters and my desk) that I stuck Cal in front of the tv and just organized it. MAN it felt good once it was done! Never mind that my maternity clothes are all still piled in a box that I dig through each day. I got SOMETHING done! And just buy baby food. It's easier. xoxo

  5. I agree that Twilight is the perfect anitdote...but 4 hours from now you will find that you've finished the book, but the things you meant to do are still undone. I bet you will feel better though!
    Hope you have a wonderful day.


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