Thursday Randoms: Why Not?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

 Current Randoms:

Tomorrow afternoon, Joe is coming home from work early and we are loading up and hopping on an Amtrak train. See, Noah is PASSIONATE about trains... Not a surprise, seeing as trains rank as one of the top toddler obsessions out there. Noah certainly has the bug. He plays with his trains all day long, loves to watch the Metrolink go by, gets insanely excited every time we see a railroad crossing sign and go over tracks. He is telling everyone he is going to be a conductor for Halloween, and he can sit and watch his dad draw track and little trains for him for hours. This is a kid obsessed. So we decided to forgo the usual road trip to my folks' house on our next visit, and take the train instead. The Amtrak will take us as far as Jefferson City, and my folks will pick us up and drive us the last 30 minutes to Columbia. We'll play all weekend, then head back home via train on Sunday. I am SO excited! And if you think *I'm* excited, you should see NOAH. 

Little pieces of fall 'round here: bought our first stash of hot cocoa mixes to have around the house.... There's 4 cute mini-pumpkins sitting on our countertop... Bought a cute tin "Boo" sign at Target the other day-- couldn't resist. I have a baggie of candy corn and fall-colored M&Ms waiting for me to nibble on from the wedding I photographed the other week. Our small crabapple tree on the side of the house gets redder every day, and I love to open the morning blinds to it to see its progress.... Cardigans are making a comeback during my evening editing sessions...My good friend Stef's Christmas gift last year of homemade apple butter just got opened for the first time, and I am DROWNING in its fall-y, spice-y apple-y wonderfulness. The Halloween and fall songs I sing to Noah are back in vogue and Noah has already re-memorized the words...

Totally random: I've become THAT driver--- the one who doesn't use her blinkers. 
Let me reassure you-- this isn't by CHOICE. I am NOT trying to be a jerkhole... But our poor lil' Civic has lost the function of the blinkers, and we've learned the hard way that it ISN'T the fuses, ISN'T the bulbs... So must be something electrical in the steering column/dashboard that we can't fix on our own. And we've been so POOR the last three months that we haven't been able to afford the cost of taking it in and getting it fixed. THUS--- I have become really good at driving more carefully, and anticipating the times I might need to turn/change lanes/etc. It stinks... But it's kind of a good skill, I guess. And it goes hand-in-hand, accidentally, with SLOWING DOWN in my life as a philosophy--- you simply cannot be a defensive, obnoxious, pushy driver when you have no signals to warn people you are barging in. So I have had to slow down. I kinda like it. 

That said, I DO want my blinkers fixed, eventually.

Shout out to Kari Wright, of Kari Wright Photography: She was crazy enough to undertake my family photos this year, and put up with my sweet (awful) son who is in the throes of PCS: Photographer's Child Syndrome. He was a stinker nearly the whole time, but she worked some magic, and blogged some of her favorites for us HERE.
I am so so so excited to show you more from our session. I want to make the time to really share some with you guys soon. do you hate me for making you wait a little longer?

Listening to two pieces from the soundtrack to the movie The Young Victoria. Specifically, the tracks named "The Proposal" and "the Honeymoon", and they are both making my heart SOAR. Gosh, I am a sucker for orchestral soundtrack music. Anyone else? Am I just a dork?
(Incidentally, the movie itself is easily one of my new favorites-- SO romantic by the end!!)

I met up with a client last evening for a pre-session consultation (did you know I offer those?? LOVE meeting clients beforehand!) and we chose Starbucks for the easy meeting spot. I ordered their seasonal Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. HOLY CRAP. It was like.... like..... it was..... WOW. I'm-a-gonna have to keep myself away from that drink a bit this season, methinks! Also, my client got her coffee in a MUG instead of the paper cup, and DUH. Why have I NEVER thought to ask for my cocoa that way before when I know I'll be staying in the shop?? SO perfect. I think the cocoa even tasted batter that way. My new friend put it perfectly-- "It's just more charming that way!"

Going to a pumpkin patch with my mama friends next week. Cannot wait! I am a huge sucker for pumpkin patches, apple orchards, farmer's markets, etc. Then, going to the orchard with Noah sometime next week, too. Anyone wanna come? 
Ooh, and going to the corn maze outside of CoMo tomorrow night. Going to take Noah, thought it'll be dark. I am SO excited! AND a pumpkin festival on Saturday! (Can you tell this is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year???) I am so so so grateful for a less-burdensome photography schedule this year that is enabling me to make my favorite memories happen. LOVE!

Current favorite lazy pastime: While Noah plays trains, I curl up under Katie's Quilt (my fave quilt) and unapologetically
(What have I been reading, you ask? Nothing that would get a Pulitzer, but it's been fun: Three Mercedes Lackey fairy tale-style novels, and most recently, The Lady Elizabeth by Allison Weir. Going to maybe dip back into some Harry Potter next. Or The Hunger Games.)

I'm trying to be a good lil' wife and cook more: crock pot stuff has been my friend. On the crock pot menu-- a pot roast (my first), ham and potatoes (SO good!), cranberry chicken, Brunswick stew, and french dip meat for sandwiches. Cross your fingers they all turn out!
(Confession: I DO still give in and get take out far more than I should. I am just NOT in the habit of preparing seven dinners a week. Sigh.)

I think that's all the randoms I have in me today.... Just wanted to wish everyone a gorgeous weekend, and thanks for putting up with my sporadic blogging of late! Hope the new photos make ya smile! These are from a couple of days ago, when I felt cute enough to be photographed, and Noah was sweet enough to cooperate. :) :)
Oh, PSA: that means if *I* can get in a photo or two, your assignment this weekend is to get in front of the camera for a shot or two with YOUR kids/sweetie/pet/new pumpkin you bought at the store. Deal? Deal.


  1. Dear Emily-

    I LOVE the shots of you and Noah, and the family shots of the three of you! LOVE your colors and Joe's outfit. Good luck with the crockpot... I should employ mine more than the twice a month I do. Since we are talking about food- have you tried the uncooked tortillas from Costco? They lend their yummy little selves to lots of fast and tasty meals. (You cook them at home- a few seconds on each side)

  2. LOVE your flower- I am addicted to wearing them.. no one around her does or gets it- but they all seem to think its cute too! lol
    so did you take those pics of you and N on a tripod? fabulous. I am jealous of your train ride- we missed the window for taking brigham, but I have another "train-loving-boy" coming up the line, I believe. excited to take that trip as well (well not to MO, but to Chitown!)
    can you share the recipe for your brunswick stew and the cranberry chicken YUmm.. ok- sorry for posting a novel on your blog!

  3. PS. love your pics!I was asked to trade by a local photographer too- fun stuff.. but a bit nerve wracking as well- your outfits are amazing. did you make N's tie? your skirt- where did you find that one? oh.. and of course you made your flowers right? that pic of you and J alone should be in a magazine.. he is just missing a scotch in his hand! ha!
    can't wait to see your card design!

  4. Hi Emily!
    I have an appointment with you on November 5th. I'm excited for it! :) ...I just need to go shopping / look around in my closet.
    I enjoy reading your blog with its photos and thoughts. It's fun to peek in on other people's loves from time to time. See you soonnnnn
    -Kelly Johnson

  5. His bow tie was killing me! Oh, how adorable. I don't think I could ever convince Jimmy to keep one on!

    Also, I love the soundtrack to Shakespear in Love. It is perfect for a crisp, breezy Fall afternoon blowing into your kitchen full of crockpotness!

  6. Oh, my Emily - what fabulous family photos! Your skirt and shoes and flower and all?! Wow. Hot stuff. Love the randoms, and hope the train trip is wonderful. Will try and get in front of the camera once this weekend - thanks for the reminder!

  7. The fair photos are fabulous. I love Noah's expressions. His non-smiles are the BEST! I gotta have a copy of the one where he is on the fence.

  8. Have you ever tried batch cooking? Before my last baby was born, I managed to get about a month's worth of dinners in the freezer. You can find cook books geared just for batch cooking (the one I use is Fix, Freeze, Feast) with some really tasty dinners. Then, you are only preparing once for 3 or 4 (or more) dinners.

    Can Noah be that big?! Oh it has been too long! Please give him extra hugs from us

  10. I love stepping into your little world for a bit :) and I love your photography! Such amazing photos! It's so fun to read your down-to-earth, honest, in the moment feelings about life. I know you must be loving the fall in St. Louis right now. We are loving the fall colors of the wasatch mtns. - such a change from Tucson cactus! Love you guys!


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