Monday, October 11, 2010

Perhaps it's just the coming-down from a really fun weekend away....

Perhaps it's the changing seasons, which, though my favorite, still instill some meloncholy sometimes....

Perhaps it's the fact that I have more sessions than usual this week, unpacking to do, a massive pile of unfolded laundry that grows every time the sweet, well-meaning hubs does laundry (which seems to be every other day these days. I know, I know, I shouldn't look that gift horse in the mouth... But WOW the pile is big. And it's not folding itself.)

Perhaps it's hormones... mood swings...

Perhaps not enough sleep last night?

Perhaps low blood sugar?

Whatever it is, I feel GLUM today.... Stuck in my pajamas, unshowered, unable to bring myself to do much beyond sigh and think listlessly of the many many things I SHOULD be doing. It's lame. Noah is being super sweet and having a blast with two pieces of string and a piece of ribbon.... The little string is the "baby snake", the long string is the "mama snake", and the ribbon is the "daddy snake", and they seem to be having some grand adventures...
We're listening to Noah's Fall playlist--- lots of lovely folk-style songs... mellow, and definitely NOT changing the mood from melancholy/slow to upbeat/go-get-em.... But they're such pretty songs... And I'm not feeling like changing them.
We had Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast... I tackled some emails.... I might cut some fabric.... 


That's the rhythm of the day, so far.... pretty much what you've just read... Noncommittal and borderline whiny. Ick.

Oh well.

I'm sure that within the next hour or two, I WILL manage to get showered, at least, and I think of all the things I keep thinking I should be doing, the laundry feels the most do-able. So.... that'll probably get done. 


I guess it's okay for us all to have days like this. I read a great essay once about how to deal with the "blues"... I think I even blogged it the other year--- Sarah B. Breathnach gives two versions of how to deal. The first version is to snap out of it and put on red lipstick, get out of the house, change gears, force energy to happen... And the second solution is to give into it, curl into it, put on your softest pj pants, get a trashy book, some comfort food, and go to bed early.... 

And I really think I'm leaning toward Coping Method #2 today.

And that's okay. Noah is content. The TV is off. Good music is playing. And the rest of the week promises to be pretty hectic, so maybe this "down day" will be a good start to all of the rest.... 

Now, if I could only be CHEERFUL in this decision, instead of the continual sighing.... I'm getting tired of hearing myself!

Til later--- Here's to your Monday, whichever way you choose to tackle it.


Edited to Add:
Found that ol' blog post with Sarah B. B.'s essay. GOOD stuff, again and again:


  1. Mmmmm, #2 sounds pretty awesome right about now:)

  2. Sorry to hear your glum today, I guess we need days like this to see how awesome the other days are in comparison. Hoping this is your only glum day though. MWAH!!


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