Has It Been a Week?

Monday, October 18, 2010


October is proving to test ALL my newfound "slow" theories to the limit--- sessions coming on top of each other, a gazillion fun things calling out to us to fill our calendars with... It's getting a bit overwhelming, and I am desperately craving a SLOW DOWN right NOW. 


Before that can happen, I have to:

finish this session I'm editing tonight

try to get a full nights' sleep

pack up the car tomorrow morning

go to an appointment in the AM with Noah in tow

leave appt. directly to drive to Columbia, MO
put Noah down for nap at Grandma's house

drive to Sedalia, MO for a session

spend the night in Columbia at my folks' house

... And then, before the week is out, I have two more sessions and three house guests coming over the weekend.


No break in sight. 


Meanwhile, I try to grab a few hours when I can, try to stay home when I don't need to be anywhere... Try to keep a good pace for Noah, even when my internal to do list is in turmoil...


Forgive the lack of photos today. I mean to post a few, but:
A. I haven't prepared my latest sessions for blogging yet and
B. I can't spare a minute tonight to edit the personal photos I took today of a few cute fall-y things

When I get back from CoMo, I'll get some pics on here. 

That's a promise. 

Back to editing!

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