"I Want"--- A Journaling Exercise For Any Day... Here's Mine For Today:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I blogged my philosophy of "I Want" Lists back in April, 2009, here:

But since it's easier for you guys to read it here, instead of going on a wild goose chase, here's what I wrote last year about this fun little exercise:

"A long time ago, in the era of my life where I was journeying within to figure myself out, I read several books by SARK, a gypsy free-spirit artist who writes books that affirm and empower women. To this day, I credit her writing for much of my foundational creative philosophy.

One of the journaling exercises she spoke of that captured my imagination and became a recurring event in MY journal was the game called "I Want". She says, "I write the things 'I want' and then let wild imaginings make things up." In her sample list, the third thing she listed was "red rubber rain boots". And the moment I read those words, I wanted them too. Years later, I STILL yearn for a pair of red rubber rain boots. And over the years, as I write my "I Want" Lists, this item usually makes it on there, somewhere.

As I have created these lists over the years, I have found interesting things out-- first, if the list is long enough, by the end you are really writing some authentic things. And often, by the end of the list, you realize you don't just want material things. It is an eye-opening exercise.
Th other interesting thing I've come to realize is that these lists don't create an emptiness as I focus on all the things I don't have but want--- but rather, it feels good to be honest, to tell myself the truth about my desires... and in the end, I usually find at least one thing on that list I can go out and GET or achieve, and suddenly, the rest of the wants are okay for a bit longer.

Anyway.... My friend Gen recently wrote an "I Want" list of her own, and it made me smile and I knew it was time for a new list of my own here. I have not thought about this in advance... I'm just gonna free-style it, which is they way you SHOULD do it. If this exercise inspires you, I would love to read any lists you guys create and blog about. Just let me know in the comments where to find you!


So... because I am ALWAYS down for an "I Want" List, here's one for today, October 12, 2010:

Wings from Wingers in Utah. I miss Wingers more than is healthy.
A weekend away with just Joe, in a new city, with some spending money
A project room--- for sewing, scrapbooking, crafting, painting...... Mmm... dream!
To go to lunch with Katie B., then back to her house to each claim a couch to curl up on and nap.
A cottage-style garden 
A turkey/cranberry/stuffing sandwich from Capriatti's in Las Vegas
To be in Venice.
Or maybe Rome.
A pumpkin-spice candle.
That book on aprons I saw at Hobby Lobby last night.
To not feel so danged lonely these past couple of days!
The frosting to already be made.
To find a friend or two to come to the orchard and aquarium restaurant with me next week sometime.
To be confident about my upcoming session(s).
To not have this wrinkle developing between my eyebrows. 
My blog redesigned by that girl who never got back to me.
A Toblerone bar.
A magnificent playhouse or treehouse in my future back yard for my kiddos. And me.
Red-striped canvas fabric. Ten yards.
To be able to visit my past once in a blue moon... just for nostalgia purposes.
To sing bluegrass harmonies with a trio of fab girls...
To have a piano in my home. 
To have a home of my own to decorate.
To go horseback riding.
Sushi from Wasabi. 
REAL hot chocolate and a french pastry.
To speak Italian well. 
A new hairstyle. 
No worries. 


Ah.... tis fun to ponder.... to let the mind wander... And besides lunch (which OBVIOUSLY I am hungry, no??) there's nothing that haunts me from this list, so I'm in pretty good shape. I'm going to get myself some food, go finish a little giftie I'm working on for  my friend,  and then maybe contemplate a nap... Or more crafties. All is well. 

Your turn! I'm fascinated by these and would LOVE to read yours!


  1. I definately want some of your wants too, great idea and how awesome is that boat tree house!

  2. I definately want some of your wants too, great idea and how awesome is that boat tree house!

  3. Love your list, a lot of your wants are at the top of my wants too! Play house in the back (for me), even book marked a few. Piano in the house, went piano shopping last month to get an idea of price. Bluegrass harmonies, something I've wanted to be able to do since I was a little girl. And that wrinkle between my eyebrows has been driving me nuts! HATE it. And so on... Wish I could be the one to go to the orchard and aquarium restaurant with you.

  4. I've been wishing quite often for a home of my own to decorate!

  5. did you see mine?

  6. It's a rainy day here. This is a perfect exercise for me to do...thanks for the idea!


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