So Far Today:

Monday, September 22, 2008

* I managed a brief morning nap while Noah napped

* I'm three loads of laundry down, three to go
* I got to photograph the teeniest eensiest little newborn at his house (5 pounds, and still five weeks away from his supposed-to-be-due-date!!)

* ... WITH restless, whiny Noah in tow. (PHEW. That's tough! Thanks, Rita, for wrassling him in your new-mom-exhausted state!)

* I'm two-thirds through with a delicious Baja Blast Mountain Dew from Taco Bell

* I'm nearly done editing all the mini-sessions!

* I have a 90% clean house

* I get to hang out with Joe, his bro Dave, and his mom Vicki this evening.

* I tricked Noah into taking his second nap in spite of his stubborn refusals.

...I'm okay with this. It is an acceptable start to my week.

Tomorrow, my primary goals are: more editing, GROCERIES!! (big trip needed), and another newborn shoot at their loft. this one isn't 5 pounds, but she IS only five days old! SWEET!...Oh, and another jaunt to the zoo with Noah and Joe and his bro and mom. Gotta mix in the fun with the work, right??

Happy Monday, all!


  1. Toes toes toes toes toes!

    Is there anything cuter than baby toes?

    Yay for toes!

    {sounds like a FUN week!!}

  2. Uber creative! your baby toes look great!

  3. DUDE!!! You are on a ROLL!! I am so excited for you. That is such an amazing feeling.

  4. so jealous you have so many babies this week! what a good monday you've had! :)

  5. Emily there is no one like you! I miss you.

  6. Your posts always make me smile! Let's grab an afternoon snack sometime next week...if you can fit me into your schedule. :)

  7. whew! I am tired just reading that! Is this the Rita I know? If so say hi for me :) I miss you guys! :( have a fun day tomorrow!

  8. So the baby feet are cute and it's a cool photo, but kind of all that came out was his feet! But then you can say, "You think his feet are cute? Wait til the rest of him comes out!"

  9. Oh yeah, how do you "trick" Noah into taking a nap? Is it something akin to the "coin out of the ear" trick? Cause I sure wish someone would pull that on me a couple of times a day!

  10. Your day sounded so wonderful and productive! YAH for you!!!

  11. what a fun, productive and perfect day! i love baby feet! :)

  12. So glad to hear your routine is flowing and happy. You definitely appreciate all that is given you.
    Love you babe.

  13. I am impressed! Make sure you end the day celebrating what a success your day was - it is always easy to skip this part and then spend most other days wondering if you are ever successful (ok, maybe that's just me).

    I love your photos Emily! If you, Joe & Noah are ever out our way I'm hiring you!

  14. Agh, I'm exhausted even thinking about all you've got going on! Lucky mommies that have you documenting these precious, fleeting newborn days.


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