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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A low-key week so far... Just what I've been needing. Labor Day was busy, but the last couple of days have been really mellow. A massive grocery shopping trip with hubby and baby, some baby food blending/freezing, some laundry... A few fun phone conversations. A walk or two in my neighborhood. Lots of "floor time" with Noah as he learns to scoot/cruise/crawl/explore...
Not much in the way of "BIG LIFE MOMENTS", but then again, all these little pieces are really what life IS, ya know?
Today is grey, grey, grey...Gustav (SUCH a dumb name for a hurricane) is reigning and raining here in STL, and it makes the whole house feel cloaked in quiet and stillness. Add to that the constant hum of the blow dryer CD in Noah's room as he works on getting himself to sleep, and the steady breathing of my sleeping-off-his-night-shift husband, and this morning here in the Mason Attic is a haven of peace.

I love it.

I don't have a point to this post... Just sharing randomness. Yesterday, Noah and I went in search of a STL bakery I'd read about, Veruca Bakeshop and Cafe.
{1831 Sidney St. St. Louis, MO 63104 314-664-4343}

Rumor was they have cupcakes. So we went, and found it tucked in the edges of the Soulard neighborhood area. And yes, there were cupcakes, but only one flavor. I guess they only feature one cupcake and then switch the flavor every month or so. While this was kinda disapointing, in a way it is also good because it'll keep me from popping by often to get a "fix". But for this visit, I picked up two of their peanut butter and jelly cupcakes (one for Joe), and a yummy-looking red velvet cakewich.

And the yummy stuff didn't disappoint. The red velvet cake was dense and heavy, but in a cake-y way, and the frosting was AMAZING and in perfect proportion to the cake. The cupcakes were lovely to eat as well, though a bit boring to look at (hence the lack of a photo).

And my friend Kate came by later in the evening yesterday with MORE cupcakes, these from my favorite The Cupcakery... so it was a double-y-yummy baked goods kind of day.

Um... Oh. And the other photos I took yesterday were of my little heart-melter... A little bathtime fun:


I was getting creative with that long hair of his. (Lots of the girl November babies have been sporting pigtails in their growing hair lately... Maybe that should be my next attempt with Noah. Wonder how Joe would react to his son in cute ponytails?)

Noah doesn't look like he'd mind...

And with Joe sleeping between shifts yesterday, I was on my own for dinner and bathtime with my baby. And I never mind the extra time with him-- he makes me smile a million times a day. And the post-bathtime Noah is irresistibly snuggly, so I grabbed my camera once again and tried to get a couple of self-portraits with baby...

(notice Noah looking at the camera like,"What is all THIS?"... and me looking at the area I'm TRYING to focus the camera on... So we both end up looking a bit silly...)

Anyhoo... Like I said: not much of a point to this post. Just feeling like checking in with myself and with the world... trying to stay connected when I spend so much of my time with just a baby...Feeling mellow, grey-weather meloncholy, unhurried, no plans or expectations for the day...
Just--enjoying the pieces of my day.


  1. Next time add a Santa type stache. He'll be even cuter...if that's possible.

    Mmmm to the cakewich. Remind you of armadillo?

  2. I am really sad that I didn't get to come see you in St. Louis Monday. But I got all unpacked. So thats good I guess. I MISS YOU!! I will try to make it there sometime. I wish I HAD more time.

  3. Wow, that first bathtub picture was like looking at you when you were a baby. Pretty uncanny.

  4. My November baby is still bald. Well, there is a wee bit o' peach fuzz, but for the most part she is bald, bald, bald.

  5. Those bath pictures are ADORABLE!! Again, I'm jealous of all his hair. . . And I DO think you should put it in pigtails. Just once. (sorry Joe)

    And also, now I want red velvet cake. That looks scrumptious. And I love the name "cakewich". That's brilliant!

  6. I don't have a baby, with or without hair. neither of our reptiles has hair. But they both shed their skin regularly.

    I'm loopy because I am so tired.

    I yuv you.

    P.S. Beckie, cakewiches don't remind *me* of armadilloes. Armadillos? They are always by "anteaters" in alphabetical lists of animals. Which reminds me of one of my favorite Shel Silverstein poems:

    "A genuine anteater!"
    The pet man told my dad.
    Turned out, it was an *aunt* eater
    And now my uncle's mad.

    P.P.S. I saw Steph Lahue at my Bouquet Consultation today. She is fab-u-lous!

  7. Y'all are just so cute! I love all the hairstyles one can come up with while kiddos are in the tub. Adorable!

    Oh, and that cake looks good!

  8. I love his hair. I love the color and how long it is. He is so cute Em!!! And what yummy treats.

  9. Looking at that cake just makes me salivate! It looks so YUMMY!

    Noah is seriously friggin adorable -- and I love the bathtub pictures.

    I also ♥ the ones of you and he in the mirror! Your scarf is great -- and you look so much more put together than I EVER do -- scrambling out the door last minute for work. I'm jealous!!


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