This Cute Lil' Family

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jaime is one of my good friends here in St. Louis. She is SUPER-creative (check out her Etsy store HERE and her blog HERE), a mother of two really really ridiculously good-looking children, and still manages to be productive and clever. Her hubby is a 4th-year med student, which means he is REALLY busy, and yet they manage to be a really good team with their kids.

A week or so before I had Noah, I had the opportunity to take their family photos... and though it is a few weeks later, here are some of my favorites from our afternoon together:



  1. Aaaack!! I love them!!Thank you thank you thank you!!! You rock! :)

  2. Anonymous10:34 PM

    those are great!!! love her little dress!

  3. i love the little girls dress. it looks handmade. anyone willing to make it for lucy??? hehe great pics emily. kicking myself again and again that i didn't have you take pictures of us when you came and visited....

  4. Adorable photos! And I agree - I love Jaime's daughter's dress! Impressive.


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