Oh, Rochelle....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

July photos aren't too long ago, right??


When Joe and I road-tripped out to Utah/Nevada several months ago, one of my stops was to hang with my dear friend Rochelle and her cute boys (three little ones and one very tall one.) I ditched Joe and went to church with them one Sunday, and I corralled the whole gang, made them go outside in the broiling sun, and took a few cute family shots of them. (And of course, one or two of Rochelle and me...)

I know this is ridiculously delinquent in posting, but can't we forget that little oversight and just enjoy how good-looking this family is?

(love you, Rochelle...)

{and if you look closely, you'll see how 4-year-olds get after taking one too many...}
{Brothers can be best friends or worst enemies. Today, it's the first one.}
{Miss you, Ro.}Did you happen to notice those boys' blue blue eyes? (Baby, too??) Girls will be lining up one day!

...see my pink hair and the preggy belly? I miss both of those, too. But Noah is a fair trade.

As for you, Kate Bro., Kate Ben., MacPhersons, and other such amigos and amigas... I never posted pics of YOU either, from that trip in July. Get ready. This'll happen SOON.

Ah, 4 a.m. Am I really this awake right now? Did my son really just let me sleep OVER 2.5 hours just now? (okay, it was only ten minutes over 2.5, but these days, those extra ten minutes are precious...)


  1. Such cute pics and such a cute fam! Thanks for posting because I haven't seen Rochelle in many many years. Ok, next time if you come to Nevada I really want to see you.

  2. Adorable!! When can I come visit? Next wed I leave for 6 weeks. I am working on your burpies and trying to get them done before I have to leave, I hope I make it. I would love to come and see you, let me know :)

  3. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Thanks Emily. I love 'em! Can't wait to see everyone else's...

    I'm glad you came out to see us. It was wonderful.


    ps-Hey Alison!


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