Our Busy Day:

Monday, December 3, 2007

(mama's first stroll with Noah.. and I'm in REAL clothes, not just pj's!)
A Lovely, Adventurous Day

So, today, i actually had a "busy" day! (nothing like my former life, where i always seemed to be on the go go go... But for post-surgery/newborn life, it was BUSY!)

1. shower...mmm always seems like a luxury these days

2. drove Noah to his 2-week dr's appt ALL BY MYSELF!
a. nursed him in the parking lot for 10 mins since it was his feeding time and we was going to be fussy the entire appt.
b. nursed him the rest of the way in the dr's office after his visit
3. went to Walmart for a few necessities. Baby's first trip to a store! All went well, with no strangers trying to touch him...
4. after a little break at home, my sis came over and we loaded just-fed baby into stroller and went for a walk around my city neighborhood.
a. stopped at cupcake shop for yummy cupcakes to go (mine was chocolate with cream cheese
b. decided to go to Pasta House for quick late lunch. Baby's first restaurant!

After getting home at 3:45, both baby and I crashed for a long, late-afternoon nap. This full day really wore us both out!!

So... there. I did DO something. And now I can chill at home tomorrow and enjoy it, and not long for other adventures. I got my fix today. laugh

(Noah's first stroller ride)


  1. Sounds like pure bliss. You are a rockin' momma already. He's still stinkin' adorable-not like I was expecting a change or anything. I love updates!

  2. Please read....
    JONO BUCKLEY IS LOOKING FOR YOU. I go by Jo Barney these days. I hope you read this and email me or heck, even give me a call.


  3. HOW FUN!!! Sounds like a perfect day!! Good for you for getting into real clothes so soon ... I wore pj's for months!! haha!!

  4. I love that everything is his first for the next year or so. He is so cute and it is nice to get out for a little bit.

  5. Yahoo! You look great Em, what a fun day.

  6. I love the beanie, he is so yummy. And so are your socks!

  7. Anonymous6:49 PM

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  8. You are SO brave!!! I could never take mine out for a full day like that by myself.

  9. Way to go Emily! And you look great! And, of course, Noah is adorable as ever!


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