Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So... We're going to wait. Noah should be in charge, not us. At least until I am officially 40 weeks along. Today, I am 38 weeks +6 days. Sure, I'm huge. But I'm pretty comfy still. Sure, I'd like to stop teaching RIGHT NOW. But I can make it two more days this week before officially taking time off on Monday. Sure, I'd like to see this kid out in the open... but I'm still loving his random bumps and body parts nudging me when I least expect it. Sure, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE no more heartburn and swollen ankles... But I can manage with my Zantac and my slippers I've been wearing to work.

There is a bit of guilt at cancelling the induction-- people could have planned around us, we might have even had Joe's awesome bro out to visit EARLY!!, we would KNOW when to expect baby, we would definitely be home by Thanksgiving... And I feel, silly me, like cancelling is letting my doctor and cute nurses down. Weird, I know.

But the bottom line is, I WANT this to be the, "Oh, honey, I think this might be it!!" moment. I want the surprise. I want Noah to decide. (Check me in a week and see if I still feel this way!!)

So for now, I'll wait.



  1. I think you made the right choice :) Hope you are doing well. Do we want to do your quilt soon? I am working on the burpies too :)

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  2. Good for you. Ah that little stinker-butt is too cozy in his momma.

  3. You are a patient woman! But you are right, your aren't even 40 weeks yet and this baby will come when he is good and ready. I will say that I did miss feeling her move when Emery was born. Good luck!

  4. Great idea! It'll be like that movie with Steve Martin...what's the name of it? Where the mom is preggy as well? Ya, I'm having problems thinking in English today1 ¡Lo Siento! Anyway, I'm glad you're going with the flo...he'll come when he's good and ready. Maybe we are all supposed to be learning some patience and some reliance on Heavenly Father (ya, ME TOO!). I love ya, and can't wait to hear him crying for real!

  5. Personally, I think inductions are way too overdone. I can't wait for the surprise myself. The 'not knowing when' is half the fun to me. Then you know your body is really ready.
    We're counting the days with you.
    Did you get my package yet??

  6. you probably did let the doctors down. they really like to control this type of thing. kind of irritating to me. i hope it is soon!! and for me, as soon as he was born, my heartburn was gone. it was awesome. i could drink cold water with no worries for the first time in months. i hope its the same for you!!!

  7. It sounds like me that is what you truly wanted. Now you can say, "Well, the way I knew I was in 'real' labor last time was..." I'm thinking of you. Love you and love you.

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