Autumn on Westminster Street

Monday, November 12, 2007

Can you believe this is the view I see every day driving to and from my home? The colors are unbelievable!!
I took a walk yesterday, hoping to catch some of the best color. It was a perfect afternoon, and the pictures make me smile.

Happy Autumn!

(And this photo technique is called the Orton Technique... Adds an arty, diffused glow to pictures. It works best on nature shots. If you Photoshop, play with the technique here. Another example below:)

And my preggy update? I am dilated to a 3, 80% effaced, at a station +1, and debating an inducement on Friday. Advice??


  1. What about a Monday induction?

  2. Oh, I love your street. Did I ever tell you the Sunday we called and didn't get a hold of you, we just went and wandered around your neighborhood?

    I was thinking about the Noah status tonight while I did dishes. A 3? It took me 6 hours of labor to get to a 3. Inducing...I don't have any thoughts. Do what you feel good about--it is YOUR day. I hear it can sometimes make the labor more intense, but it sounds like you're progressed enough you could get an epidural right now :)

  3. Ummm, I like the pictures, but that preggers gibberish means nothing to me. It's just numbers. Why can't you be dilated to a 57 or 453% effaced- and what's this about induction? I'm pretty sure Hume firmly established that induction is useless. We tried to find ways around induction in my philosophy class, but we were pretty much unsuccesful.
    In conclusion, if you haven't cast your votes for the lame nerd stuff on my nerd blog, please do so now.

  4. BEAUTIFUL PICS!!!! I say go for the iduction. You can always get the epidural (and pray it works ... mine didn't) You're probably miserable being pregnant. Just know, being induced can make labor longer and more intense. I won't tell you how long I was in labor. It may scare you away from being induce!! :o) Whatever you decide, I can't wait to see pics of little NOAH!!!

    p.s. We've got to get you something - what else do you need? Or maybe I'll wait until after you have him and you tell me what you need ... whatever.

  5. It's too late to call... I'll talk to you tomorrow about Inductions, unless you're already in labor!

  6. i've been induced. i did not enjoy it. if your family has a history of not natually making the pitocin in your body to naturally go into labor, then it might be a good idea. if a lot of your family have gone into labor natually, then (if this was me) i would wait as long as i could. go on walks, have some fun with joe, try the natural ways before drugs. pitocin is not a fun drug. think about it, pray about it, and you know your body the best out of any of us here. whatever happens, i hope it goes as smoothly as giving birth to a baby can be, and that your doctors are good, and that you have good nurses that give you lots of ice chips. and don't eat anything with a lot of iron in the next few days. just a thought...

  7. Anonymous12:22 AM

    What did the doctor say?

    (I can't log in..wierd)

  8. Hey Emily, since you asked for advice, here goes...I would wait as long as possible. Don't get induced if you can keep from it. I speak from experience (have been induced and gone on my own). I like to go natural (in all ways...I don't do epidurals). So, my advice to you is...wait. I know you're excited for this baby to get here. I know how it feels to wait (Simon was a week late). But, it's much nicer not to be induced. And, there's that excitement factor, "I think this is is!" It's spontaneous and such an exciting feeling! (Much better than being scheduled, in my opinion). Okay, I've said enough for now. You can do this! E-mail me if you want to chat more.

  9. Oh, and, by the way, BEAUTIFUL pictures! I just love Autumn time!

  10. Genny4:50 PM

    Love the pics & miss YOU! How exciting that the day is drawing so near. By the way, your new music thing blocks your entries (for my laptop, anyway)...any way to change that?

  11. I LOVE AUTUMN! Right now I need to be typing a paper and It's just too beautiful a day to focus. What kind of college student would I be if I got stuff done early?

    Inducing. I would say wait but this is coming from one of the worst experts ever so you may feel free to disregard my advice. I would say that if you are going to induce wait till thanksgiving break starts. Monday would be a good day. Or Tuesday. I don't know who Terina is, but I agree with the natural course if it's what you want.

    Love you!

  12. That is soooo Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with those of us that don't get to have much of an autumn.

    Good luck with the baby - I say go with the induction if you want. Most of my sisters did and as long as you have an epidural I hear that it isn't so bad. Good luck! I am so excited for you!

  13. Ya, I'm for waiting--Au Natural.

    Those photos are amazing and so are YOU!


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