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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Test your vocabulary skills and earn free rice for hungry countries. While I am definitely smarter than you, see if you can come close! It might even become addictive.

And I was kidding about the smarter than you. I hovered between a 38 and a 43 the whole time, nowhere NEAR the 50 you can get. And the program is really cool-- it adjusts to your learning curve so you're always learning new words AND reviewing previous ones here and there.


  1. Cool Em! thanks for pointing this out. I just noticed that you only have 11 days until the due date! That means we need to get sewing! I have my new machine. Oh and beading is tues night at my place 7 pm.

  2. Who knew charity could be so much fun? I ended for the day at 200 grains and a score of 37.

  3. 2040 grains of rice, between 36-40. You're smarter than me.


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