The Dimming of the Day

Thursday, November 8, 2007

This is the time of year when the subdued hues of November really come into play... When you have to begin LOOKING for the beauty in things instead of passing by the OBVIOUS color displays of October. This is the time of year when the sun fades faster, the browns blend together, and the sky begins to smell of woodsmoke. This is the time of year when we go inside, literally and metaphorically...
And I can't think of a better time to be reflective and get prepared for this new baby to arrive. I drive home in the twilight and listen to soft, mellow music-- music that tugs at my heart, calms me, brings me joy, peace... And I feel like life is good, will be good, and all is well with the world.

My sis-in-law Mary met us in the park the other night to practice photos on us. The light was almost gone, creating a really pensive, "moody" (as she put it) light that really captures the November aura. I love these.

...And my beloved friend Katie has also taken some breathtaking photos of Joe and I during her visit here... Honestly, not to minimize one or the other...
She has them posted on her blog HERE, until I get them in the mail. She is unparalelled at capturing REALness in her art. She makes me feel beautiful and loved. While you're on her site, look around at the other BEAUTIFUL work she does. I am so blessed to have her as my friend. (For more reasons than just the photo artistry).

And while Joe and I ARE pretty cute, it is the photographer that makes the pictures magnificent, not the subjects. Thank you Katie and Mary. We're blessed.

All of you are blessed, readers. This is the time to remember it.


  1. oh my I love, love, love the last photo, it's beautiful.

  2. my fav of kates is the one with joe with his baseball hat backwards. to me that pic is both of you as i know you. if i had to get one in a christmas card (hint) i would want that guys are just cute. its funny to see pictures of joe. in my mind he is still a missionary with no facial hair. and emily, the side views of your belly are great. you really are just baby. i need to get some pictures like this done of me the next time i'm pregnant. want to come and visit in NC?

  3. GORGEOUS pics!!! I "tagged" you - check out mi blog :o) Love ya!

  4. Your smiles in Katie's photos are so wonderful! You're striking when you're all serio-faced, but there aren't many photos where you're so smiley. I love them!

  5. so adorable! You are such a cute preggy girl. and i adore the pics of you and real, so lovely! i can't wait for you to be a real mom and have a baby to hold, to hug, and to harass when he's much work, but so worth it! way to go, girl!

  6. All the pictures are amazing. I'm always thinking to myself that our family looks nothing alike. But in some of those the crazy you and Beckie look alike features come out. It's neat.

  7. em, these are amazing. you are so beautiful pregnant.

  8. I loved all the pics (in this post and on kate's site). Absolutely amazing. I long to create art like this!

  9. Gorgeous! i would expect no less from any of you though!


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