Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pewter Number 3 Null


L e F T

And Noah is probably pretty ready! So are we, in fact. We have most of the things we need: crib, pack n' play, stroller, car seat, diapers, wipes, shampoo, onesies, blankets, binkies, caps, bouncer seat, etc. etc.

Really, tallying everything up, we are only missing a breast pump, some storage, some extra crib sheets, socks, sleep gowns, and a hamper. Not bad!! I even got my amazing diaper bag in the mail today: I can't wait to pack it all up! (any suggestions on what I should put in it, besides diapers and wipes? And is it something I need to bring to the hospital, or not really?)

Anyway... the countdown is REALLY beginning. And it is too weird to wrap my mind around, so for now I will keep playing with this movable stomach of mine and try not to panic.



  1. Sure come on over!! :) I miss you too! How was your weekend? To be honest you probably won't need a diaper bag at the hospital but take it anyway :) They give you a ton of diapers and stuff so the extra room will be handy. I am so excited for you and cannot wait to meet little Noah! call me ok?


    Thanks for letting me come on the tour of the hospital while I was there. Your Korean friend from the ward says HI! and can't believe you are having a BOY.

    Wish I was closer... Thank you for your postings to keep me up to date... missing you today

  3. SOO Happy For you!! Sorry i don't get by as much as I'd like... I'll work on it before the baby comes...

  4. K ... so our burglary has been crazy. They arrested the guys that did it and we still haven't gotten our stuff back but, I'm really hoping that we will get it before Christmas, seeing as how all our decorations and Christmas tree were all stolen!!

    Diaper bag - SO CUTE!!! You probably don't need it at the hospital. They stock you up. You will want to put a change of clothes for the baby (and you! or atleast a shirt), a burp cloth (these come in SO handy!) TOYS! a portable changing pad (I think they're called like lap pads or something, you can get them at Target), desitin, basically you want a mini nursery in your diaper bag so you're never caught off guard. You can start with lots of things in there and as you get used to going on outings you will realize that you don't need some of the things you packed and you want some things you didn't pack. Okay, I just typed a novel. Sorry.

    I'm so excited for you!!!

  5. i can't believe you are only one month away. how fun. it sounds like you are getting everything you need. look for a gift form me. i will be going shopping soon

  6. in addition to the clothes to bring him home in, and a nice warm blanket, throw in a nursing bra,(to wear home), clothes for you, lansinoh nursing pads (the best on the planet) and maybe a robe or something for you. don't bring any clothes for you, because if you mess up something you like with the yuckiness that comes after the baby, you'll be sad. the robe can either keep you warm or covered when friends are visiting and you don't want to show off all you've got!! i would suggest getting a pump. (i have an avent manual one. great for traveling so you can pump, and then feed and don't have to stop too many times) once your milk comes in, it can be really helpfull in releasing some of the pain and also in creating something for him to grab on to. the first time your milk comes.... there are just no words. sorry if i was a little graphic. tried to use nice words!!!
    so excited for you!! the last little bit seems to drag on and on. good luck with everything, and make sure to read up on emergency c-sections. i've got all kinds of advice on that stuff...
    yay for emily and joe!!

  7. oh, and take all the diapers the hospital will let you take. newborns go through a million diapers!!

  8. I'm so excited for you! I love the diaper bag, it's so cute!

  9. That is a sweet diaper bag! Great find you hip and happening stylish mom! Your 30 day reminder is giving me a jump start to get your gift ready!
    Remember when you called me to tell me you were pregnant and I was like, "hey, me too!" cause we had just found out and we were both like, "woah!" and now we're both like huge. :)
    Cool huh? Keep trucking, we're almost there!


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