Thursday, May 31, 2007

And I feel like I can finally be ME again.... Is that weird?? Normally, I have been able to balance "me" and my working life and manage to give enough to both.
But since I've been pregnant/exhausted/physically changing, it has become really hard to find that balance. I use ALL my available energy and creativity just to get through the school day or church or any other requirement, leaving me with little to NO motivation/energy to do the things I really love-- things like art, music, making my house more lovely and/or orderly, communicating with loved ones and friends, etc.
I have really missed ME.

This evening, while still fighting a WAVE of sleepiness at about 7 p.m., I finally felt like I had permission to expend my energy on MY LIFE, and sat down to do some Creative Preservationism (i.e. scrapbooking.) It felt so GOOD-- like I was back. Like I was "home". Like I was ME.

{New Layout #1: this is my cute mom and dad, being silly last sumer}

{New Layout #2: A page dedicated to as many memories of sewing , both by my mother and myself, as I could fit on the page. My mom is AMAZING with her sewing machine. I so admire that.}

{Below: My little crafty birthday party invitation I whipped up last night for the trivia nite we are holding for my 30th. If you are in town, email me and I'll give you the specifics! You can totally come!!}
And so...
I am so excited for summer. It is really here. I am really free.
To celebrate, here is one of my very favorite layouts from last summer-- a time of decadent naps and Sim City computer games and festivals and scrapbooking every day. May I find a slice of that same life in the weeks to come.

{p.s. if you wanna read any of the details on these pictures, click on them to see them bigger.}


  1. YOU are wonderful, charming and dang cute. I miss YOU. I'm so glad that you get to be in control of what YOU want to do with your time. Love you forever!

  2. it is so hard when one is pregnant to find the energy to do the everyday things let alone do something fun. hopefully for you it will pass.
    i seriously wish that i could come and spend a week with you watching you do your pages and picking your brain on what to do with mine.... i can't even scrapbook now because i can't leave it out for days at a time. we have to eat on our table, and they kids will mess it all up!! scrap while you can!!!

  3. Boy do I know what you mean. 3 months of being exhausted and going to bed at 8:00 after what feels like a never ending day just cleared out all my enthusiasm for life for a while. So luckily, that long 3 month dry spell is finally over and I'm back too. What a relief!


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