I'm Fasting From the Internet This Week.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

{which version do you like better? "Regular" or "Acidic"?}
So... I've been doing some soul-searching. Kinda in the "end-of-school-year" mode, "Mom-to-be" mode... and I have been feeling stagnant and complacent... selfish.
And I think that a LOT of the true valuable things in life have fallen to the back burner while I have been in coping mode, especially during this first trimester (though it has been going on long before that).

So it is time to make some changes. Goals?
1. less distractions (t.v., internet, shopping, etc.)
2. less fluffy reading, more faith-building reading
3. less dining out, more home-cooked dinners
4. less ACQUISITION, more purging of JUNK.
5. less ME ME ME, more sacrifice

and it is easy to want these things, but hard to implement them, so I am going on an Internet/T.V. fast this week... None. Nope. Sorry, Charlie! Also, no couch this week. I know, that one is a funny one, but dang it, as soon as my bum hits that couch, I am lost. Hopeless. Either a nap, a DVD, or a book keeps me from maybe throwing a load of laundry in the wash, unloading the dishwasher, or even making a scrapbook page or practicing the banjo!! (See? Even the FUN things suffer with my complacency...)

Okay. I LOVE connecting with all you out there. I love being able to vent and explain and such, here online. But I can do all that in other ways, at least for the week. So forgive me. I'll be back.

*** two notes-- the photos are of my baby sister Kirsti, who was my model for "practice senior photos" to put in my portfolio. She and Beckie came on Wednesday and we had SO MUCH FUN!! Isn't she lovely??

#2-- the new video/music on my blog is "Goodbye is All We Have" by Allison Krauss and Union Station. The images in the video are SO in tune with my authentic life cravings... especially lately. My farmhouse... an overgrown garden, summery dresses... bluegrass music... *sigh* I want it all.


  1. Good for you for finding yourself. I've been feeling the same way. I go to church and realize I'm not doing much for my eternal salvation. I believe, I have a testimony, but what am I really doing to build that? I commend you and will most likely follow your trend. Have a great week. Love you!

  2. good luck with your fast. if you find any good books in your search let us all know. i love books!!

  3. I was forced into some similar goals when I got pregnant with Eirik. It's funny how knowing that a new little one is going to rely on our everything will motivate us. I keep thinking to myself, my aunt Jolene who has 7 kids always says, "your power will surprise you when put to the test." I just hope she means that it will surprise me in a good way. Good luck in your fast. I hope you come back and have newfound treasures to impart.

    Ps the pics of your sis are awesome!


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