Happier Moments....

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

some more of my bro's engagement photos.... Cute couple!

And these are pics of my latest hairstyle-- professionally straightened at Mary's spa the other day in a pampering session complete with manicure and pedicure... yay! (Note the cool hidden blonde streaks! My peek-a-boos)

and this is us this last weekend, heading to my faculty banquet... Lookin' HOT.
I love being a part of this duo...!

Okay. See? No more sad moments for today! I'm goin' to bed.


  1. Ok what did this mean mason do to you? How dare he be mean to sweet Emily? I am sure you guys are fine, if it was really a problem I am sure that they would confront you guys. I love your new hairdo!!!!! I mean LOVE it!!! It is fabulous :)

  2. i also like your hair, and i love seeing you smile in pictures. forget mean mason man. if carl likes you and thinks you're doing good, than that is good enough!

  3. So glad to see you in your posts. I love pics. of Emily. How was the faculty luncheon? Do you just love being validated by all those grown-ups? Relish it. You'll miss it. Sorry you have a crotchety old man in your midst. Slip him some prune juice or something. Perhaps you can try to kill him with kindness. Sometimes. Sometimes, that works. But sometimes crankiness is just in one's blood. Loves to you!

  4. So the avatar is the way you're announcing? That's pretty cute.

  5. i just read joe's blog. and i know i saw your avatar yesterday when i left a comment, but for whatever reason, couldn't see the tummy. yay! i hope things go well, and that you're aren't too terribly sick. i was never sick either time. but then i had horrible deliveries, so i guess it makes it all up there. and just in case you didn't know, Ross sells maternity clothes, and online at old navy is awesome. yay!!!


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