mondays don't have to be all bad

Monday, August 21, 2006

i have managed to make my monday a pretty good day...
I had my students present their projects in front of the class today, all day, so i had very little WORK to do at school.
I bought Elsie Flannigan's darling scrapbooking challenge book--
(and a few other art treasures)

I *made dinner* for joe. (!) and he loved it.
I got two care packages ready and addressed for elise and katie... and made them all cute and stuff...

and i am keeping the TV *off* and listening to some great music given to me by my sister beckie.

i am feeling recharged by the time that i am able to find to be creative in one way or another each day. I am trying not to lose the summer juice i had when i had hours and hours each day to putter and craft new things. so. enough 'net stuff... back to my table to make something else.

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  1. i LOVE you blog. mine is so blaahh compared to yours. that is just one of the reasons i love you so much. you are so creative!


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