Exhausted, but Optimistic.

Friday, August 18, 2006

one week of teaching done... it's my second year, and i am already amazed at how different it feels. I feel like i am doing OKAY and i am not panicking on a daily basis like i was last year. What a RELIEF!!!
I am optimistic that this semester will be a pleasure most of the time. I love the students from last year that are back for their junior year with me. They make my job a joy. And the new faces seem like they'll be okay.

Anyway. Time to get re-used to the routine of early days and long afternoons grading papers. I am wiped out from it right now and need to build my stamina up. Thank goodness it is the weekend.

Here: i'll give you a picture or two of some of my students from last year that i have this year.
They're neat.

[me with danielle, emily and fellow teacher liesl]

[maura presenting a project]

[ryan gives a cheesy smile]

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