Quinn, Lucy And Noah: Recent and Random Portraitness

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It was right around Noah's birthday, when I was making his photo collage, (which I realized just now I never blogged. Ha! Oops! Facebook wins this one.) that I realized I really don't have many current portraits of Noah. Lots of snapshots, which are the meat of life, but the last good portrait I'd taken of him was when his front teeth were still growing in, and he'd changed enough from then that they didn't look current to me. 

I managed to scrounge a snapshot that worked, though, and got his collage done. Here! Blogged! 

But it got me itching to do some new photos of all my babies. Portraits, moments of just them, in front of my camera for the sole purpose of being photographed. And I do know that snapshots are the real story, and I adore them, too. But I really am a sucker for portraits. It is one of the greatest joys I get from having some skill in photography. Just taking time to fill the frame with them, getting them to look into the lens, laugh into the camera, gaze pensively-- whatever they're feeling. And grab that moment to keep for always. I cherish it so very much. 

(Now, getting a beloved photo of ALL THREE at ONCE? Well, that's not an experience I cherish, and in fact, it brings out the Monster Mama faster than anything, so I almost never even attempt anymore. I just know the photos will end up like this, probably:
Which, in hindsight, is also darling.... But when there are NO keepers, in a "wall print" sense, in that moment I am not able to step back and love the funny moments, and so my poor kids only see Rage-y-Mama, and that's not good.)

So anyway, back to the tale of the new portraits. On a whim, just a week or so after Noah's 7th birthday, I set up a  backdrop by my favorite light in the house, and just had it there, chillin', all day. I wanted my kids to WANT to come explore it, and not feel pushed or beleaguered. I wanted to just take it slow all day, and grab photos if the moment presented itself. Put them in decent clothes up front, but then let it be what it was after that (which is why Lucy is in a tutu and tiara. Her plan. I rolled with it.) Maybe, maybe even get some of Lucy and Quinn together. (I was probably not going to manage all three anyway, because Noah gets home at 3:30 pm when the little ones are napping. By the time they're up, it is too dark to shoot. Stinkin' Daylight Savings.)

I'd gotten that fun new rug, and was excited to get it into some photos, so I made it part of my setup for the day. The mini pumpkin was just there to use as a "look at me! Look at the PUMPKIN" attention grabber... haha! 

ANYWAY... So though I did all this back in November, I'm a weird photo hoarder, and I hold onto them and wait and wait to "share" them, and I don't know why I do this (please someone tell me I'm not alone in this dumb, weird quirk?!)... But I cannot TELL you how many little sessions with my kids I've done that I NEVER SHARED, and they are so past relevant now... Because of this crazy quirk. 

But today is the day for these portraits. Quick, before my kids look completely different. 

Because I adore these photos. My kids. Their eyes. Their expressions. Their vastly different personalities. And yes, I even adore that I conned Lucy and Quinn into being nice with each other AND sitting still(ish) long enough for photos together. 

And the Noah photos-- oh my HEART. His eyes tell volumes of stories, I think. He's just so lovely, and so wise, and still such a 7-year-old stinker. I love him, and I am so glad I got some new photos of him. I have opportunities all day long to grab photos and snapshots of the little kiddos.... but I miss out on moments with him, not to mention he grows ever more UNwilling to pose for photos.... so these are extra special to me. 

Okay. Enough blah blah. Here's my Hoarded Session From November 2014. My beloved babies. 

{that smile-scowl of Quinn's... Ack!}

{Oh that one above.... I can't stand how much I love it!}

{Why yes, Noah-- if I can get just a few more out of you by letting you make faces in a few, I will concede happily.}

{His socks for the day.}

{And even that "fake smile" he loves to give me.... There at the end.... It has its own charm. And I love it.}

Next up--- a session from 100 years ago I don't even think I ever edited. Just kidding.   


  1. Those are OH SO precious!

  2. Your kiddos are soooo darling!! Can I ask you what you are using for that backdrop/floordrop? Is is Paper? Vinyl? Love that whitewashed wood look!

  3. Leah- it's a backdrop (in vinyl) from Lemondropstop Stop. I have it in the longest possible size and use it for both a fake floor and a fake wall option, depending on my needs. I love it! Good luck! Thank you!

  4. Hey darling sis, momma to darling niece and nephews...

    Thanks for sharing the photos you're tempted to hoard.

    I love that you found the charm in the ridiculous group shot in hindsight.

    I love how much you love your kiddos.

    I love their faces and personalities (not as much as you do, of course, but they're pretty amazing kids... not even a tiny bit biased here ;)

    I love your artistic gift.

    And I love, LOVE that you let them "do their thing" w/ mismatched socks and tutu-and-tiara. That's one of the funnest parts!

    Have a great Quinn-birthday-weekend and stay warm (but also chill...)

  5. I can't believe I'm only now just seeing this post. These pictures are amazing. You are brilliant with testing those kids curiosity to get your way. These truly are so great.


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