Five For Friday: Us

Friday, January 9, 2015

 {She's amused at my countertop-standing vantage point.}

 {So. Cold. And I just hung Joe's snowflakes this morning to try to remember to love winter still.}

 {Having a little sick day/iPad binge-fest...}

 {Trains. Loveys. Cracker crumbs. Yep. Pretty standard 'round here.}

{We! Us! Wee Usses! Just came in the mail yesterday from old friend Heather Bauers. A marvelous, incredibly thoughtful gift. I'm in love. They are in our entryway, ready to greet y'all when you come visit.}


"Five for Friday". Easy enough. Gonna try to keep this up. It was fun. A really simple, manageable goal. Want to join me? Link in your comment and I'll add your links to my post! We can do it together! Phone pix, throwback pix, whatever quintet of photos you want to blog is perfect. More than good enough. No need to write a lengthy post, or go take new photos... Just curate 5 photos (heck, do 5 favorite links or 5 favorite current songs, or ANYTHING) and join me for my "Five for Friday". 

Peer pressure-y enough? Love you. 

Friends playing along--
Megan, from Oregon:

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  1. Love it - great idea! Here's mine:


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