In the Month of May (in 2013)

Friday, January 30, 2015

I've been tackling some long-overdue projects the last week or two, and it's been really satisfying. One project has been working on finishing Noah's preschool yearbook from 2012-13. I'd scanned his art way back in the summer of 2013, and had photos from his preschool teachers, but the project had stalled after that. But this week, I got a wild hair to try to get it back on track, and I've been obsessed ever since, working like crazy to just GET IT DONE. But in the process of gathering all the images I needed, I remembered that I'd taken some quick photos of Noah with his face paint on, from a performance they did in the spring of 2013. When I went to get the photo, I realized I'd never taken it from its original RAW form in Lightroom to an edited JPEG form that was usable. So what began as a simple photo search became a full-on cull-and-edit session for the month of May, 2013. Going back through those many many images from just one month of my life in a year that is almost 2 years gone was really tender and fun... so many sweet moments and images of my kiddos' faces, never seen by anyone but me. *sigh* My endless yearning to be caught up and to not let this happen... and yet it happens month after month, and is just my Sisyphean task in life. Personal photos. *sigh* 

But anyway. Since they're done, I'm going to share some favorites from the random month of May, 2013. Why not? 

So enough rambling. (It's past my bedtime, and I am not making much sense!).... Here ya go. 

Noah's First Congregational Preschool Enrichment Circus Performance Face Paint Portrait:
(Whoa. How's that for a title!?) (He was in his "Prowl" phase at this time in his life--- an obscure autobot from Transformers who was green and black. He was obsessed.)

And then in the spring of 2013, Noah got to play on his first official sports team--- a very very noncompetitive t-ball league in which he got to wear a legitimate uniform, but nearly no one on his team ever actually hit the ball well or remembered how to run bases. It was darling. So is he:

One day while nursing baby Quinn, age 4 months in May 2013, I took my camera out and just photographed the kids when they got in range. In hindsight, I'm in LOVE with this limited window light and how it converts to black and white. I almost forgot about these unplanned random snapshots, and now I'm newly in love with them. And look at wee little Lulu--- newly 2 years old in these photos... the age Quinn is now! How time flies....

And then there's Quinn. Little baby Quinn, age 4 months, going through his "bald phase" and just a cute as a button. On this day, we had a gorgeous May afternoon, and the three kids and I soaked it in on our front porch, waiting for Joe to come home from work. No special occasion--- just pretty light, cute faces, and the itch to take photos... as always. 

And then just some of the other kiddos on that day.... ♥

What fun! And what a good feeling to get even a small bit of those backlogged photos DONE. Able to be enjoyed. I swear one day I'll figure out a system or some personal discipline in order to better manage my photodocumentation of my life. :) Til then, these random flashbacks will have to do. 

And I need to go to bed. Tomorrow (today), a Five on Friday! I was so SURE I was onto something with that idea, that it would be EASY to remember to manage a blog every Friday.... and yet here we are and I've missed two in a row. D'OH. My life. Welcome to Flakesville. All flakes welcome. 



  1. These photos are stunning! I love lifestyle photography so much. Thanks for sharing, I always love seeing and experiencing my nephews/niece as much as I can since I'm oh so many miles away.

    1. Thanks, Kirsti! Better late than never, right?!!

  2. Oh my gosh, the ones of lucy on the outdoor couch with her apple?! Those are priceless. They are all gorgeous, but those are my faves. :)

    1. Mel, can you hardly stand it? Her little cherub doll face and halo of tangled hair.... I'm in love with the same ones. Thanks for chiming in! <3

  3. So glad you "uncovered" these treasures. And I agree about the apple photos...


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