Plushie Stuffie Squishy Creepy Minecraft Creeper | A Tutorial-ish

Thursday, January 15, 2015

 So there've been a few Creeper sightings around our house lately. I mean, we've had Minecraft creepers of different sorts around here for awhile now, since Noah joined the craze a couple of years ago.... But most of those Creepers have stayed in their books, or on the computer screen... and even Noah's toy Creeper, Creepy, hasn't been THIS much of a sightseeing wanderer. But since Christmas, when this fluffy homemade guy was given to Quinn (because Quinn ADORES Noah's "Beepy", as he calls him, so I figured he needed one of his own, but less, well, creepy), things have gotten a little weird around here. 

I mean, the cupboards? Thirsty, Mr. Creeper?

 Taking a turn in Quinn's high chair...Maybe he likes to be spoon-fed?

Longing for warmer weather so he can go out and play....

And I mean, really. Checking himself out in the bathroom. So vain. 

It's ridiculous. But you know, he's also kind of cute and lovable. And maybe, just maybe, you need one, too. a fluffy, plush, homemade Creeper pillow friend. So I doodled a quick how-to for you guys. Because, why not? It could NOT be any easier. And then, once you make one, you can stage random Creeper photos around your house, too. Because it's January. And cold. And the days are merging into one another. And we're all getting a little bit of cabin fever around here, amiright? 

Make yourself a Creeper Stuffy. Stuffie? If not for you, I bet you have someone in your life who would appreciate one. 

And for pete's sake-- let's all get outside sometime soon. I think we might all be losing a little bit of our minds. 

{Questions about the DIY? Ask in the comments, and check back. I promise to answer! }


  1. Do your book keeping!

    (I love you)

  2. I'm certainly more charmed by this January Creeper than I am by December's Elf on a Shelf...

    So thanks for sharing :)

  3. I second Mel's comments. Both of them. This little guy is cute though.


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