Some October Moments in IPhotos

Friday, November 7, 2014

October in Instagrams/iPhotos
(Left to right, starting with top row) 

1, 2, 3: Noah's first grade field trip to Purina Farms. Quinn and I tagged along, and Noah got to milk a cow. (Fun fact: I sprained my neck and it has only just now begun to feel better. Five weeks later.) 4: Quinn needed a haircut. I kind of liked his ponytail days. haha. 

5. Lucy at her 3-year-old screening. I'm a little worried about her expressive language, so we're moving forward with more evaluations. 6. Jamberry Regional Conference- long, fun, inspiring day! 7, 8, 9: OLW Hootenanny in Indiana with 15 other mama friends.Soul-filling.

10, 11: Lucy's preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch. Gorgeous day, in spite of the mud. 12: Leaves are falling in abundance in our yard, and the kids have loved some good leaf pile playtime. 

13: Noah's leaf heart. 14: We bought 2015 Season Passes to Six Flags in Sept, and they were good to use the rest of 2014's season. Noah got to go three times! Once with all of us, once with just Dad, and this time with just me. Halloween decorations were in full swing. So fun! 15: Noah's pumpkin drawing for the Trunk-or-Treat. They drew his name and he won a 1-lb Snickers bar as a prize! 16: Lucy at the trunk-or-treat. She was like the almost the whole first half. *sigh* Three-year-old-ness at it's finest. 

Not shown-- my sister Beckie's awesome visit here from HI. My repeat visits to dr., chiropractor, massage therapist for my poor neck. Various photo sessions and other work. Lazy days. Bad hair days. Joe, though he is so important to us! (Note to self: take more iPhotos of Joe.) Etc. But these are a good smattering of October moments for now.... :) 

Happy Friday!


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