November! You Only Got Two Blog Posts!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

We can't have that!!! 

Quick, a 10-minute "I Want" Freewrite.

I Want:

  • To feel healthy. No more coughing, no more neck pain. 
  • To have a healthy husband. No more listening to HIM cough. 
  • To get this house tidy after a whirlwind last two weeks, with Noah's birthday party and a trip out of town for Thanksgiving. What a mess! 
  • To feel like I can slow down in many ways after a crazy November and let things drift to the sidelines so I can enjoy Christmas season joy with my family. 
  • To be more present, more joyful, and more peaceful. 
  • My sewing setup to be in the TV room again. I never sew nowadays because its set up way far away in my bedroom, and Joe goes to bed two hours before me. 
  • A really REALLY long hug. 
  • A really good massage. 
  • A better haircut. 
  • New boots. 
  • A fresh-air cleansing walk. 
  • Ten things OFF of my to-do list without me having to do them. 
  • The basement not to be stinky. 
  • To go to a movie. 
  • A cathartic cry, weirdly. 
  • A really long footrub. 
  • To be a kid again for just a little while. 
  • To be in Hawaii with my sis for awhile. 
  • To curl into my bed with a book for a full day. 
  • Some cider. 
  • To laugh until my sides hurt. 
  • To paint something. 
  • Someone to wrap this year's gifts for me. 
  • New bedding. 
  • Really long wooden dowels. Two of them. 
  • One afternoon each, to go back in time hold my babies when they were newborns.
  • Clarity. 
  • To be able to laugh things off better. 
  • To be caught up. 

Okay, November--- I'll miss you, busy as you were. You were good. Full. Bustling. Crazy. But I'm ready for the green and red of December now. Goodnight.


  1. Oh I wish I could be there to do some of those things for you...or you could be here, and accomplish at least that one. Here is my I want list, a very mini-version:
    I want:
    -a random day off, unplanned, like a snow day
    -the time/desire to watch movies as voraciously as I did
    -my dog to have a haircut
    -me to undo my haircut
    -a huge, brownie bread pudding like the one I had on my trip home
    -my sister Emily to come to Hawaii and hang with me for a bit

    Love you sister!!!

  2. I love your list and how in tune you are with what you are wanting. And I also want to know about the dowels.


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