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Monday, April 8

The Holy Grail of Parenting

At this very moment:
I'm near tears, no kidding. Today, Monday of a new week, is the day I decided I needed to begin teaching Quinn to take his afternoon nap in his bed (a rock-n-play for now, later a pack-n-play, eventually a crib.) I was terrified of failing-- enduring a LOT of crying and short irritable catnaps from Quinn all afternoon. 

He was like, "I got this, Mama."

And proved me the fool for sinking into such unnecessary anxiety. 

Well, today at least. 

Meanwhile, Lucy didn't chatter her naptime away, instead falling asleep almost instantly. 

And Noah, who is down to maybe 2-3 naps a week during his daily quiet time, chose today to take one of them. 

Holy Grail of Parenting:


Now tomorrow? Who knows? But it only takes once to get the award, so here I am, winning the Holy Grail of Parenting. 

I'm a don't know-what-to-do-with-myself fool all over the place here. 



P.S. Don't mind my Goodwill pile in Quinn's pic. Every house has their "dark corners", no?


  1. That's a winner. If tomorrow doesn't work out, opiates. They're your friend.

  2. Bro, I'm not above opiates. Whiskey. WHATEVER. I'm just ready for this to happen EVERY DAY.

  3. You are supposed to sleep, too, when all the kiddos are sleeping, silly.

    Hope you got a lot accomplished during the down time...