Why Not? Lucy Flashback (October 2011)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seriously, why not?

Once upon a time, Lucy was six months old and SERIOUSLY cute. She was just past her colic phase and finally the baby of my dreams, and the time came to pass for her to have her first solid foods. And I took photos of the occasion, as I always do. And then life got busy with client work, as life in October always does. And these photos never saw the light of day. 

But I love them. 

And I remembered them recently. 

So I dug them out of the archives, Lightroom edited them (oh how I adore Lightroom)... and voila! Some flashback photos I adore of Lucy at age 6 months, eating her first baby food-- avocado mixed with baby oatmeal cereal. 

Try not to swoon at her pure loveliness, or get too lost in those big blue eyes. Or just simply die a little at how tiny and young and WEE she is in these images:

So strange to think that this was nearly 1.5 years ago. Even stranger to think that this will happen in this house again in less than FOUR MONTHS.

Lessons to be taken from this:

Oh my, the time really DOES fly. People aren't making it up when they tell you the days are long but the years are short. 

Babies, especially, are not babies for very long. Time to sink back into my Quinn's baby smell and squishy helplessness and stop trying to stretch my wings too far too fast with him... He's only this tiny for a bit longer. 

While it's not ideal that I take photos that are never seen again, what a gift to myself and to my family that at least I TAKE THE PHOTOS. Someday, maybe, I'll get better at finishing the process. But for now, at least the moments get captured. 

So there. Random. Happy Lucy. Who is turning TWO in a couple of weeks. Who suddenly looks OLDER and DIFFERENT. Who is racing to catch up with Noah as fast as she can... while I hold onto her hard and try to keep her little as long as I can. 




  1. I like that, "The days are long but the years short" Truth.

  2. Those photos are amazing. I seriously do not understand how she did not get baby-napped and sold to a couple wanting the perfect looking child. Especially since Kyle and I were around her and we love to make money off of baby selling! Also, I too, would eat the chair if I were being given avocado and rice cereal. Yech!

  3. I think that the "older" Lucy gets, the more cute/beautiful she gets. While baby pics are priceless, I love her curly little girl hair. It breaks my heart that I scare her when I am around... But I love that she recovers so quickly... Love Lucy smiles...

  4. Can you do an editing tutorial on how you edited these in lightroom? They're amazing.


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