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Monday, March 18, 2013

Gloomy, chilly Monday. Blech. 

Plus side: 
Joe and Noah are home. Wahoo!

Plus side: 
Quinn is snuggling my shoulder after his 2-month dr. visit.

Plus Side:
I got a hot shower today.

Plus Side: 
Looking back at the tender, quiet photos my friend Erin Duggin took for me while Quinn was still freshly born and we were at the hospital.  These seven were the the set she showed me right away. (I confess she took more, but I've misplaced the disc. Something to look forward to when it turns up? Gotta stay positive!!)

Oh that sweet smile in his solo shot. Oh the quiet dad/son picture at the end...

Thanks, Erin. A million times over. Thanks. These are so special to me. 



  1. I'm so glad you love them. It was fun for me! The rest of them are on your thumb drive. You dropped it in to your diaper bag. I remember when you did it I thought, "that tired momma is not going to remember putting that there." And no worries if you don't find it. I still have all if them to get to you.

  2. I Love Love LOVE the newborn smile! What a great shot! I love to see you and Joe so close, too. What an amazing photo shoot! Congrat's again!


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