Phone Photo Recap: October 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

 I love October. I really, really do. But year after year, it kicks my butt!! It's a photographer-thing, with all the sessions people beg for in the prettiest fall month... And it's a "crafty mom" thing, with Halloween costumes to make and cute Halloween crafts and projects to attempt... And it's a sentimentalist thing, with my bucket list of ultimate fall experiences that must happen.... It's an Emily thing, I guess. I make my own life insane, and mostly love every minute. Mostly. But I miss:

~ time for sewing
~ date nights with Joe
~ naps for myself
~ making time for walks
~ editing my own personal photos
~ blogging the constant thought trains in my head and image chunks from my camera

So. To dip into those last two, here is, at least, a photo collage from my cell phone that recaps the last couple of weeks of October. My dinky Blackberry is no iPhone, and someday I'll manage to get one of those and my daily random phone snaps will improve... But I gotta say I still love looking through the pics I take on the ol' BB... Because they still catch moments I cherish. Well enough.


Top Row: baby boy Southerland- 24 weeks | Not a door? | Noah's whiteboard tombstones with R.I.P. on them | Lucy slide | Noah slide

Second Row: Lucy is walking well! | Noah's Superhero Squad tattoo | Lucy's Halloween costume in progress | Noah haircut-first pro one in over a year. He was so good for them! | selfie snap

Third Row: Noah's whiteboard drawing of an elaborate "machine" | Lucy in the morning light | Waiting at Dobbs for new tires (boo.) | Bath beards | Fall Festival cupcakes

Fourth Row: Noah's Fall Festival face paint and treat | Finally remembered to take out and stock the Halloween advent! | Sweet daddy putting on baby girl shoes | Dad shows the kids YouTube videos about volcanoes | Happy Lucy

Fifth Row: New goggles on | New goggles off, goofy face on | Pumpkin patch swinging | Pumpkin patch sitting | Sweet sleepy baby girl at naptime.


I hope, one day, that I can manage a phenomenal October without the frenzied feeling behind it...  Give myself permission to only schedule two sessions total for my work, get costumes made in  August... SOMETHING. But then again... maybe the bustle of the late-night sewing/pumpkin patch going/corn maze in Columbia, MO outing/ playdates/friend dates/ photo session in crisp leaves/etc. is all part of the experience of my love of Fall. Maybe. 

I'm going to need a year of doing it the opposite way: slow cocoa mornings, late afternoon stroller walks, a good thriller novel during naptimes, with only three scheduled things total a week on the calendar, and several nights of curling up on the couch with Joe to watch spooky movies... I am going to need at least one October like THAT to really decide which feels better to me. 

Because right now, I could use a heavy dose of the latter plan. :)

Ah well. Back to it. Three sessions to edit before Sunday, a magazine article to finish photographing/writing for, two sessions to shoot this weekend, our own family minisession to plan outfits for, the church Trunk or Treat on Saturday (Note to self: I need to make chili!), Noah's Primary Program on Sunday....Oh, and sleep. Somewhere in there, I should probably sleep. 

Goodnight, internets.

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  1. Wow! Im tired just reading about your October! Im really impressed!We have snow here so I hope that Fall returns before the snow stays for good. I hope you survive your weekend. Congrats on the 2nd Son :))


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