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Saturday, October 20

Fall-y Halloween Spot:

Top of our TV cabinet- tidied and decorated:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Random Musings, in List Form:

* I'm going to paint that room a goldenrod yellow. Eventually. I should probably tackle the rest of the dining room repair/painting first....

* Bat idea from Pinterest... It occurs to me right now that we forgot ears. Hm.

* Wood chip pumpkins from the Target Dollar Spot. Nice!

* I still love those old vintage fans. Don't worry, the cords were cut long before we got them, so no chance of turning them on and slicing off every family member's fingers.

* Today: Fall Festival at Noah's preschool. I LOVE this day. Pony rides, donuts on a string, bounce house, classic bake sale, face painting (I have a shift painting faces at the start of it)... It's lovely, charming, perfect.

*Baked cupcakes all night Thursday, then decorated all morning yesterday, to contribute for the bake sale:

* Ideas are from the "Hello, Cupcake" book. Easy enough, but takes some time to implement.

* Just now, blogging a quick blog has turned into me being a snappish mom (Joe's out at the grocery store, so I'm manning this Saturday morning ship alone) because my kids are, get this-- BEING KIDS. I am not feeling super proud of my reactions. Like getting a blog post up is so critical that I can't handle a little noise, a little mayhem. Ew. I'm a jerk. Stopping now. This wasn't important enough to sink my mood. I'd blame the pregnancy hormones, but I'm probably just a jerk. 

I have a fun day ahead. Gotta recapture it. I'm out.


  1. CUTE bats! Nice decor and the cupcakes are just beautiful.

  2. You are SOOOO NOT a jerk. Give yourself credit for unsuccessfully trying to multi-task. And like you said, reclaim the day! Perfect advice... Does it work for eating plans too?

  3. Do those fans actually work or are they just decorations?