I Love the Way His Mind Works....

Sunday, October 14, 2012

That kid of mine... the one about to turn 5. I love the way his mind works. I love his intense drawings, and his even more intense "technical" descriptions of his work. 

This is from last night. He wanted a sheet of my robot note paper. He asked to use the special markers. And he drew a spaceship. In immense detail. Afterwards, when he began telling me about it, he wanted me to write down descriptions of every part. SO I did. Frantic scribbling of words, trying to get as much of what was coming out of his mouth and mind onto paper as I could. It was intense. It was a pure delight. What follows: the drawing, then his descriptors, as best as I could transcribe them. All "typos" are his vocabulary, his brainworks. I cherish every word. 

(Reference letters added by me in post-production)

A. Escape Pod: We escape and look out the windows to watch the explosion. We go and get to the planet we’re supposed to go. 
B. Super Visor Weapon: More powerful than the claw. 
C. Ship Lungs: The lungs replace special air because we have a speaker. The speaker revides and we speak into it and the ship repeats what we say. 
D. Rocket Missiles: The rocket missiles repive only for two ships. They either have to be two Autobots or two Decepticons. Revide all the parts of your science. Make sure that you make more parts of the ship that you replace with more science. 
E. Lab: The lab refaces science and all of it makes sure we have remain. 
F. The Signal: Revides solar from the space and the moon. Helps us get power to make it go even faster. And helps it to get more powerful. 
G. (2205) The Room: Has four different sides that tell you you get to go in each place. You get to go in a tunnel to get somewhere. But you have to pay a secret passage word. 
H. Candy Machine: Revides other stuff that was garbage and almost token out to space and the machine revides all that trash and puts it into the machine and it blends it up into candy and out it comes into the signal maker. 
I. Signal Maker: Digs the candy from the candy machine and then another machine comes and takes the candy. It goes out into the ship and delivers it to each ship. 
J. The Claw: Usually takes evil ships into an evil trash machine and crunches it up. The evil ship turns into garbage and smells stinky just like a skunk. 
K. Headlights:  The headlights make sure the headlight revides signal-power. 
L. Maker Trash: All the trash goes out of the ship and into space. The trash ship replaces it into the back trunk. Then they have a garbage can. The Martians take it into their home and eat it up. 
M. Panel: Revides all the signals from the ship into different kinds of ships. The ships come together into the main ship and it makes a fat ship! 
N. Reventual Signals: Revide all the signals from the ship and revider 2.0 signals. Revide all the parts and all the signals come into the part. 
O. Side Ship: Revides robots into the ship and drives them to a different planet.


  1. I don't know what it means, but revides will be in the dictionary one day, that is my prediction. I love it.

  2. Magnificent! I'm with you... every word is a jewel ;)

  3. I think we have the same kid! :) All I know is Ben can never see this post because he'll make me read it to him 5024 times in a row.

  4. That is incredible. I can't wait for that age. That is the kind of creativity that he wouldn't have if you let him watch TV and play video games all day. Kudos to you, Mom.

  5. I love that kid! Can it be Christmas now? Because then that would mean I would get to see him! Guess I'll just have to revel in the anticipation!


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