The Day After August 5

Monday, August 6, 2012

Today is the day After August 5. After a grueling long day of travel back to STL on Saturday, it was all I could do to stay awake on Sunday at church... and then a bad afternoon nap for all of us led to a queasy evening, and well, yesterday was just a day of getting my bearings as we finally FINALLY head into "Normalcy" for the next few weeks. So August 5 itself was nothing to write home about, but today.... today has been the beginning of good. 

The phone pics illustrate the mood of the day pretty well... The kids and I lounged in bed and in our jammies for most of the morning.... Noah getting his iTouch game fix, Lucy practicing her cute face and her agility on a bouncy mattress... And then when we managed to get going, we spent the day either in the upstairs play area-- kids happily exploring every toy they found, no need to do anything too magnificent or complex, mom reading a novel in between playing-- and the living room play area, watching Sesame Street and goofing around. (Lucy created a new "look" for herself when she put half of a plastic egg into her teeth and made herself a "nose" by accident. Noah had to follow suit, making it even better with his 3-D glasses...)

The rest of our time was spent with chalk outside (91 degrees after all those 101+ days? We'll TAKE it!)... lunch and snacks inside... the smell of sunscreen lingering... some music and dancing... And a finished novel for me (Home Again by Kristin Hannah... Good! Hard to put down. But if you're going for a Kristin Hannah book, I absolutely LOVED Winter Garden. Way more than this one. This one felt like a Jodi Picoult book. Which isn't a bad thing. Just not as deep as the other K.H. books I've read.)

Since the kids have been down for naps, I've been fighting to get myself motivated to sit and WORK--- emails are desperately behind, I have orders to package and prepare for the post office.... But I've not been super-successful. The call to just VEG OUT has been extremely strong and I think I still have a few more days of slow recovery from the insanity before I feel completely back to regular speed. 

So... for now... There it is. I made it, I am back... and all is well.

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