Curious Bystander...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We managed to break out some paint today... Noah has been begging to make art, and I've been feeling guilty that I've not had the energy to rally and help make it happen.Today, though, it seemed manageable, and I've had my own painting project I've procrastinated ALL SUMMER... So Noah and I got out supplies and got to work.

All the while, we had a curious bystander...

Photobucket Photobucket 
Sweet girl with the giant top-ponytail... She really is so patient with Noah's and my bustling, constantly-moving homelife. She adapts and stays amused and follows us around, her speedy crawl still preferable to learning to walk.

See the Hot Wheel car in her fist? She's become enamored with things with wheels and is making the "vroom vroom" sound while cruising the little vehicles anywhere she can... the floor, the wall, my arm...

Other things I'm loving today:

Squirt soda with ice... something about grapefruit sodas that I can't get enough of...

My new CD from the Wailin' Jennys, a birthday gift from Joe. Good stuff, those of you who love folky-harmony-simple-bluegrassy stuff

Reading and weeping through the memoir, "Bloom" by Kelle Hampton, her story of coming to peace and finding joy in the birth of her second daughter, a sweet little one diagnosed with Down syndrome

The ever-dancing arms and nodding head of our silly solar flower on the window sill

Flowy skirts and maternity shirts... comfy!

Quiet time in the house


What about you? What are you loving today?


  1. Thunderstorms, delicious BBQ pork on corn fritters, beef noodle soup, ice water, unexpectedly good tips, unexpected packages in the mail (Thanks, btw- your package was a delightful thing to come home to!), expected packages in the mail, and the anticipation of getting to sew on my very own sewing machine just as soon as I finish paying for it!

  2. 80s pop on Pandora, getting things accomplished, no matter how unimportant they are, sleeping, Pibb Zero in ice, the cooler weather.

  3. miniature candy bars, someone's patient singing "Jingle Bells", and, well, it's a strangely hard day today, so I think I'll have to keep looking...

  4. I have to tell you, having you mention Kelle Hampton (I was reading her blog before bopping over here to yours) makes me appreciate other photographers who can both write and photograph their lives in such perfection. My home has a busy 3 year old and 9 month old and we are always busy as well. On July 19th we gave birth to our twin girls we miscarried at 17 weeks and shortly after both you and Kelle announced your pregnancies. I read your writing and can relate to exactly how I was feeling; tired, a bit to unmotivated, and loving an afternoon nap. Writing has helped ease my pain in this journey, and amazingly enough so has reading blogs such as yours.


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