Lamby Love

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This is Lamby. And the boy who loves him, circa November 2008.

Lamby is Noah's true love... His security blanket, his best friend, his "Mai".

(Note: We call his lovey "Lamby". He calls it "Mai"... short for "Mai-lam-a-lam-lam-lam", what he USED to call it.)

He has been deeply devoted to this critter for a very long time-- well over half of his short life. And as Noah grows and develops and becomes more and more cognizant and independant, it has been an adventure watching how his relationship with "Mai" grows, too.

Allow me to share one of our recent days.

It was Monday, and we had a slow start to the day. Noah woke, called for Mommy, then Daddy, then Mommy again--- trying every combo to see if he could get results. When I finally went in to get him, he burst into smiles and immediately turned his Lamby's face to me-- "helping" Mai to see that Mommy was indeed on her way.

We did our usual morning routine, lazing about the living room well past when we should have. Finally, after a bit of pajama time for both of us while we did breakfast, dishes, bed-making and so on, the time came to get dressed for the day. Noah patiently let me get him in his pants, and then his shirt. And then, in keeping with his new hobby of involving "Mai" in every aspect of his life (we're talking EVERY aspect-- potty time, Sesame Street watching, Ring-around-the-Rosie... Lamby is totally involved. Noah insists...) Noah asked for a shirt for "Mai".

So I grabbed one of Noah's shirts and tucked it around this silly sheep-headed blanket square that Noah loves so dearly. And you should've seen his face. It was like the earth had burst open to reveal gold and diamonds and cupcakes and bubbles and marshmallows to eternity. MAI is wearing a SHIRT. Like ME!! Holy CRAP!

It was priceless.

But then "Mai" didn't keep his shirt on very well. And Noah, true to his soon-to-be-2-year-old-ness, had a meltdown-- devastated at the FAIL of this 2T shirt on his beloved lamby.

But I was not daunted. I quickly grabbed a little dishtowel from a stack of new ones, 2 safety pins, scissors, and a stretch of ribbon. Leading Noah to my side to let him watch, I reassured him that we could fix this problem right up. A few snips, a pin or two, a well-placed knot, and.... Ta-da!

Introducing Moses Mai. (Heh heh... Not an intentional resemblance!)

And if Noah's original reaction to a shirt on Mai was priceless, it as NOTHING compared to his utter, heart-stopping JOY when he saw Mai's new duds. He literally quivered with amazement and excitement. I, of course, died a little joyful death of my own, seeing his pure wonder.

The miracle continued-- He was so giddy over his Mai's "makeover" that when I dared grab my camera, he actually LET ME TAKE PHOTOS. He was so PROUD of his Mai that he WANTED me to take pictures. (Please know that this is a FIRST. Ever. He has never willingly let me take photos. Not like this.)

(Even now, that little look of pride on his face above makes my little heart stop a little.)

It was incredible. I took a few shots, then said, "All done?" and you know what he said? "More? more? more? "

My son. just asked. for MORE photos. What the whaaa?

So before he could change his mind, I grabbed my quilt and took him to better light and set him up for some more photos. It was so funny. He looked right at the camera, held his Mai with pride, and POSED. And when he got restless and I said, "All done?" He STILL said, "More? More?"

So I let Mai take a turn. And Noah was utterly delighted to watch Lamby pose for the camera. I instructed Lamby to "Sit still! Good! Now look at the camera! Good Mai! Good! Now smile!" And Lamby did a FABULOUS job! Noah was so proud that he even let me take a few more with him in them.

It was a golden hour in this all-to-swiftly passing baby-to-childhood of my sweet son. It was everything I could have ever wanted for true happiness... Just my barefoot toddler, his raggedy Lamby, a snipped dishtowel, and me.

This Lamby Love delights Joe and I daily. The things Lamby gets involved in... The way Noah needs and loves and cherishes him... The stage kisses to Lamby's face, "Mwa! Mwa! Mwa!"... The glee on Noah's face when I put a hat on Lamby, or show Lamby how to stir something, or let Lamby clap along to songs... Noah's wonderment that his true love can almost be animate like him... It is a bit of magic in his little life.

And Noah? Well, he is the bit of magic in MY little life. He is my joy. My love.


  1. Thought I would come out of lurkerdom to say...oh my goodness this broke my heart into tiny little pieces. In a good way. :)

  2. Thought I would come out of lurkerdom to say...oh my goodness this broke my heart into tiny little pieces. In a good way. :)

  3. Complete and utter pricelessness. I have to go sit in the freezer so I don't melt completely- sweet story, sweet Noah, sweet Lamby.

  4. That was seriously adorable. And that last photo...spitting image of YOU!

  5. adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. prescious!! JUST prescious!!!!!!

  7. I actually have tears in my eyes! What a tremendous blog post and what a sweet little guy!

  8. Soooo sweet! What a doll (no pun intended)! How lucky he is to have his good mom there with him to help create, capture, and appreciate these priceless moments.

  9. You are one of the world's greatest mama's. I just love reading about the relationship you and Noah have. It is just precious.

  10. That post just WARMED MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!! And the way you catered to Mai's shirt... that's a GOOD mom. And looking at the way Noah cares for Mai, he is going to make a WONDERFUL big brother when the time comes around. ;)

  11. Seriously one of the sweetest things ever. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  12. that is SO SO SO sweet!
    he is a cutie!

  13. Good old Lamby! Interesting fact: the other day when I was trying to take a couple of pictures of Callum Noah wanted to be in ALL of them. Happened twice. :)

  14. You are so adorable! And Noah is so precious! Give Lamby a hug for us! :)

  15. Emily, thank you for capturing that sweet moment in time for your beloved readers. What a delightful post!

  16. Oh-so-sweet! I love it! He is such a sweet little boy! They do grow so fast! What a wonderful moment to capture in time! He is adorable!

  17. I love the way that you capture moments. I had a tears in my eyes sharing in your pride of your son. You are awesome!

  18. Oh my!! Oh me-oh-my he is so cute!! And that first picture threw me for a bit..I thought, "that pic of Noah still looks so baby-ish and sweet!" and then I saw the CIRCA NOV. 2008 and realized that my eyes weren't deceiving me. What a cutie, then and now!!!


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