Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's past midnight, so I think that makes this officially HALLOWEEN.... Ooooohhhhoooohhhhh! (ghost noise, ya know?)

And in honor of our Pre-Halloween festivities, a video of my favorite singing mate and I, singing 2 (and 1/3rd) of the seasonal songs I've been teaching him. This kid LOVES singing, and when I give him a new song, he'll say, "Again? Again? Again?" at the end, over and over until I've sung it a dozen times and he has gotten to know a bit of it. It is ridiculously cute.... :)

And a few images of our leaf collecting on Monday, when Aunt Juli was in town. We got out in the soggy morning and found good leaves for leaf rubbings. It was a perfectly Autumnal way to pass the time, and we all three loved it! (LOVE this street we've lived on for the past five years... will miss it. *sniff*)

{Aunt Juli shows Noah the good ones...}

And a shot from today.... I was testing my MiniShoot setup and Noah (and Mai) were willing helpers for a minute. Love this random one I caught before he was over it and running away....
Oh how I love this season... Love the holidays, love the music, love the colors, love the chill in the air...

It's been good, even with the stress and the bittersweet added in. And tomorrow (today) is Halloween... so we get to look forward to Noah's robot costume and his first of many "trick-or-treat" experiences to come in his life. I love it. It is good, this little world of mine.

But now, my poor little self is screaming for bed... It's been a busy day, and I am fighting a big ugly cold... so I am out of here to try to rest so that tomorrow (today) is what Noah deserves.



  1. What a cutie! I was singing him "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" before what should have been his nap last week and he was singing along on random words amidst his protests against sleep. It was cute. Love the leaf pictures!

  2. How cute is that? And, after hearing your singing, I think I will never have the nerve to post any video of my singing 'skills'! :) So cute! I love the little look of pride on his face as he sings along!

  3. Wow, Em... if you can sing like that with a cold, I can't imagine what the healthy version of you sounds like! Happy Halloween :)

  4. It was so fun to hear those old family Halloween classics coming out of Noah's mouth- I hadn't heard those in years (I almost forgot about the "Mean Old Witch"- and how precious that Noah even sang along with the little instrumental ditty before the "Boo!" :)

    I hope you had a fantastic Halloween- I can't wait to see the pictures of the Robot costume!

  5. I love this post. The pics are so good.

  6. Holy awesome talent batwoman! You seriously have great talent running thru every vein in your body. Wonderful voice and very cute kid. You two have the same eyes.

  7. Ah, swoon. I adore that video - what a treasure. And maybe I'll have to summon the courage to try something similar with my beasties these days. Thank you for this joy!

  8. I'm glad some of the mommy son pictures turned out OK... helps to have photogenic subjects (and some good coaching :-)

    Thanks for the chance to share this fall treat with you.

    And those who admired her singing... she really is that good... :-)


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