Home Again...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home from our whirlwind trip to Richmond, Virginia to see Joe's bro Dave get his Master's---
Home to dive back into the madness that is my life...
In the vein of my BFF Genny's blog, I am posting a to-do list. This is as much for my own organizing purposes as it is an apology and an excuse for my lack of posting lately (and upcomingly). I NEED the chance to blog to keep my sanity, but there is no sanity left to allocate to the task of blogging. It's a terrible Catch-22. *sigh*
Set up 1/2 day substitute for Noah's appt. on Wed.
Proof Beckie's pics
Proof Megan's pics
Proof Chelsey's pics
Proof Girls' Outing pics (Jodie and Erin)
Proof Eva and Dawn's pics
Proof Alecia's pics
Decide on Memorial Day
Recycle Oberweis jugs
Grocery shopping
Blog about Cupcake Party
Blog about Richmond
Blog about Girls' Outing
Put away laundry
Sweep/mop kitchen
Mail maternity clothes to Katie!!
Juli's photo book
Steven's photo book
Deposit checks
Vacuum Mason stairs
Create review games for school
Thank-you gifts for Dob, Skinner, SROs
Sew eyes on turtle, mail to Stef
Take Noah's 6-mo. pics
Bake/blend/freeze squash and sweet potatoes for Noah
Pay bills
Pay Vicki***
Paint toenails
Organize mail
Return Liesl's book
Get tire repaired

Ah, home. Glad to be home, even if it doesn't slow down much. Tomorrow is a new week, and maybe I can chip into some of that huge list. Wish me luck!!

{photo of Joe and Noah taken this morning in the prettiest part of Richmond. We LOVED taking walks and taking photos!}


  1. I hear the gigantic to do list. i think if i actually wrote mine out i would pass out in shock, so i'm happily keeping it locked in my head for now!

    i got very little from our night together, but i was so brain dead that night i am not surprised. SO, i can't wait to see what you and erin got! but please, no rush!

    and also, a suggestion... prioritize... put those checks in the bank! having a full bank account always makes things seem happier over here at least! :)

  2. if i had known....sigh. i could have driven up and visited with you guys!! well, i really have no idea how far richmond is from here. come visit us next.:)

  3. Ha! you're is a window into your life. I feel better about mine now. :)

    We're planning two such whirlwind trips in June, one weekend after the other--I admit I'm not terribly thrilled about the prospect, but I know it'll be fine, esp. since I'm not working. I love that blue, blue photo.

    What are your options for Memorial Day?

    Also, 'sew eyes on turtle' gave me pause.


  4. that's not too far from where we lived in VA...up the road in Clifton! Glad you made it back home safely. Love your to-do list idea...yes (wringing hands) - me loves it indeed. ;)

  5. hang in there! And just remember to cross off when you complete something!!

    I am too frightened to ever draw up my own to-do list.....

  6. Ah, even looking at that list makes me tired. Deep breathing and knowing that the end of the year is near....You can do this!

  7. good luck, chica! I know all about the to-do list thing. I'm there myself, I just refuse to let anyone know just exactly how stressed I am. The end of school approaches, so more time is around the corner. You'll make it....I'll make it.....and don't forget to take a few moments to breathe and enjoy the moments w/ your cute son!

  8. And you're greying things out! Good for you--productive days always make me feel tons better about the prospect of all those things to do. I always choose a different color every time because my background's such a weird olive-greeny color. Some weeks I don't even want to get the list done because I found I don't like my chosen color.

    (Just kidding. I don't want to do things on the list because I'm l-a-z-y.)

  9. whew... I need to take a nap just reading that list!

  10. Oh lists. They are so helpful and yet so disheartening sometimes. My list is not nearly as long as yours. Maybe because the first thing on it says "Tie up loose ends" and that in itself is a list.

    Just picture a poster of a cat clinging to a tree branch with the words "hang in there" underneath. That always makes me laugh!

  11. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I took pictures this morning of my desk at work... it is a veritable disaster area. If it was digital (and I wasn't at work), I'd email 'em to you...

    I'm hoping that by May 29 I will be able to take an "after" picture that won't cause stress in the thought of coming back to. So far, I've mostly just consolidated it into a pile.

    All of which is, I guess, a way of saying I relate...

    Don't forget to put "sleep" (at least "nap") somewhere on that list, and I look forward to seeing you at some point this weekend.

    Take care,



    Oh, I mean...good luck! I KNOW you can get it done!


  13. You are one busy mama! I think as life gets busier, you need to make a list and the satisfaction of crossing something off makes life a little easier. How was Dave's graduation? I'm glad you got to go.

  14. good luck with crossing things off the list...i make those daily, lol. isn't it a wonderful feeling to be able to cross something off? it's the little things in life that make ME happy, lol.


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