Yes, I still play.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

but not as often as i'd like.

I've begun a bit of a tradition-- the last day of the semester, I bring the ol' banjo into my classes and play for them. Since my classes completely change each semester, it's a fun farewell, and leaves them with a wacky memory of me. Plus, its crazy how fast word spreads, and old students tell new students to look for that day... and the old ones come back and ask if they can come watch me at the end of the current semester.

It's like i've created a monster.

This photo was taken by joe because an old student who is the yearbook editor this year wanted to do a thingy on me and my banjo for either the school newspaper or the yearbook. Since i like to have creative control over photos of me, ('cause i know how to make myself look better than i really do) i told her i'd take the pic for her and bring it to school.

anyway. just another weird piece of me.

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  1. Emliy, I want you to be my english teacher. Or rather I want all my english teachers to be just like you. well, that won't happen, though I did have a great one this semester.


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