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Tuesday, December 19

Going CRAZY!

crazy LIKE A FOX...

or just crazy like a teacher with too much stuff to grade, an artist with too many christmas projects to complete.... just TOO MUCH.

I am worn OUT.

(and i took that cross-eye picture because i have never seen what i look like cross-eyed.
I think i look like a Disney character.
I hope i never see myself cross-eyed again.)

So. I put on Michael MacClean's "Forgotten Carols" while i was sewing tonite, and MAN, is it LAME.

Lame lame lame lame lame. LAME.

I can't believe i listened to it. No offense to anyone who reads this who loves it. But WOW. It is AWFUL. I think i might destroy the CD as a stress-reliever, which i really really need this week.

Tomorrow, my fam comes to town to go to Historic St. cHarles, one of my favorite christmas traditions, and i just hope i get enough stuff done at school during the day to be able to relax and enjoy it.

It's all about the attitude adjustment. And i'm working on mine. Really, I am.

Here. Fun photos from this past weekend.okay. I REALLY have to go to bed. I'm getting a bit WACKY, and that's NEVER good.

Wish me luck on NOT feeling stressed tomorrow.


I am glad Katie is alive. Seriously.

I AM going to call Sarah back and hear about that SNL thing.

I wish Dan P. was going to be in my 1st or 6th next semester.

I think Melody left some plants here in my house. Otherwise, I have NO idea how they materialized. Which is a surreal concept.

ok. I'm making myself laugh here at home alone 2 hours past my bedtime. I am REALLY going to bed now.

Genny, do you read this? Ever?


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